Alexandrian Wicca Book Of Shadows

Alexandrian wicca book of shadows

Alexandrian Tradition

Start your FREE month now! Pages from the Book of Shadows, sacred myth and much lore from the oral, inner teachings of these traditions make this book a unique and extraordinary training manual for the solitary practitioner as well as for long-standing initiates who search for deeper insight into the hidden mysteries of Wicca.

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Circulating in the underground community for many years, this book is now available to the general public. This is the most comprehensive book ever published on the practice of Welsh Witchcraft, and is one of the few books that teaches the basic spirituality of the Craft.

Alexandrian wicca book of shadows

It discloses why and how Welsh Witchcraft began. It reveals the religious practices and explains the mysteries of the magical rituals.

Alexandrian wicca book of shadows

It demonstrates initiation and guides the reader through that ritual as well as the arcane teachings. The Word establishes the claim that Welsh Witchcraft is a remnant of the ancient religion of Hyperborea and Atlantis.

Describing powerful rituals and moving magical encounters, these witches discuss working with natural forces, including sexuality and the seasons, and how they craft spells and personal rituals, and use incense and herbs.

Alexandrian Initiatory Degrees

With insights from many different traditions including Wicca and Paganism, this guide celebrates the pleasures and mysteries of contemporary witchcraft. But these books, written by European and North American authors, are for northern hemisphere readers; in the southern hemisphere the seasons--which form the basis of Pagan practice--are the other way around.

In this book, Donna Vos explains Pagan practice in the context of Southern Africa and the southern hemisphere.

She addresses issues that are of interest to Pagans and non-Pagans alike: definitions of Paganism and Wicca; the historical origins of Paganism; the link between Paganism and traditional African beliefs; and the opposition between Paganism and Satanism.

There are also interviews with practicing Pagans, who outline their beliefs and practices, and respond to the myths that have led to discrimination against them.

Creating Your Own Grimoire

This is an insightful book about a largely misunderstood religion. Based on English and European words and terms and adopted over the centuries, we have a language of codes, of sensuality, of shadows, designed to be able to be used in public while sending often secret messages.

Based on a Traditional Wiccan dictionary that has been handed down, and supplemented selectively with words and phrases that have been adopted more recently, this dictionary will prove effective in ritual, in spell working, and in communication between witches in a way that is secure, and just a little bit romantic as well. Rising out of virtual obscurity to become one of the most charismatic and controversial figures of modern Wicca, Alex was many things to many people.

Sekhet Sophia - The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows (758.0 Kb)

A teacher, friend, father, husband. In short, a man like any other man. And yet his was a life lived without compromise. His personal vision of Witchcraft and his tireless love for the Goddess would influence thousands of seekers who would come after and inspire a new generation toward the Inner Mysteries.

Free Book of Shadows or Grimore Template

But Alex's saintly side was as grand as his demonic side. He could inspire hate as easily as love.

Alexandrian wicca book of shadows

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Alex was ever the showman. He cared little for the opinion of others and kept true to his own ideal despite the consequences. His was a life well lived, but like any other life, was built of extremes - light, dark, joy, and despair.

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For the first time ever, Jimahl di Fiosa tells the true story of Alex Sanders - neither demon nor saint - but somewhere in between the two. Toggle navigation Menu. Search for:.