Comic Book Documentary Youtube Samaritans

Comic book documentary youtube samaritans

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Chris Perguidi: Confused. It is not the righteous man who should alter his way to benefit the unjust man. It is the unjust man who should change his ways.

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I for one will not bow in cowardice to those who seek to take over and pervert our community. I have no vengeance for those who attacked me and hope this event can end up helping the community and getting these people the help they need.


I thought the guy just punched me and the blood on me was his from the beating I gave him. I started acting at a very young age but shifted my focus from acting to art as I got older.

Comic book documentary youtube samaritans

People really like the Topher Thomas Gimmick. The original short film has over 10, views and was created by Sam Burks.

A Conversation With Multi Talented Man Chris Perguidi

Chris Pergidi :I was originally into acting but was told I was getting a little too rough looking I. A to help rehabilitate my body and ended up making some life long friends. How was your experience with these organizations?

Comic book documentary youtube samaritans

Chris Perguidi: PWR … Is one of the greatest wrestling schools in the world and I had a great time learning from everyone there. They even made a short documentary that was shown on the Discovery Network.

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American Kickboxing academy was a whole other ball game. I was training with ranked fighters and lifting weights with the guys who fight in the UFC ,guys that could snap me in two with little effort ,really talented people.

Comic book documentary youtube samaritans

Adam Hayes : You also appeared in television and short films. Do tell us more about that.

Comic book documentary youtube samaritans

Chris Perguidi: Of course! I had cameos in a variety of independent films including wild and crazy,the beginning ,cinema insomnia ,Discover networks Crazyland,creepy Coffey, first dog and a show called Harlem Knights which appears on my IMDB.

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I was in a variety of commercials and have appeared in a variety of wrestling related programs in one form or another. I also had a local cable show that ran for five years called the lizard Zone that can now be found on youtube. I am Currently producing a horror film called The Boys of He told me I was a genius and hired me on the spot to do layouts for his comic books.

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Adam Hayes: What has been one of the biggest achievements in your career so far? Adam Hayes : So , not being stabbed while playing a phone app? Chris Perguidi: no.

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What would your choice be and why? Chris Perguidi: Comic Books. I think they encourage literacy and an appreciation for the arts.

Adam Hayes: Looking over to your career one can easily say you are very hard working and dedicated person. Chris Perguidi: I want to be an example of what you can do if you apply yourself.

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I want my friends to do as well as me and even better! The start of my journey was being hired to work with my own idol Mohombi, that was at the time the artist that had 1 of the biggest songs out at the time and being signed as the first artist of producer […]. Steven R. His portrait, Fashion and Beauty work has been complimented time and time again. He has a way of capturing the essence of a women — especially in her eyes. His portrait work of individual women as well as his Mother-Daughter portraits are done […].

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How long have you been writing songs? What first got you interested in becoming a songwriter? Songwriting and just writing comes natural to me.

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Songwriting allows me to express my thoughts with a melody. Words on paper are powerful, but […]. Skip to content. Adam Hayes : What was the inspiration behind becoming a pro wrestler?

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Adam Hayes : When did you start to create comic books? Adam Hayes: Are you active on Social Media? How can you be followed online?

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