Comic Book Writing Reddit Wtf

Comic book writing reddit wtf

Comic book writing reddit wtf

MAD 8. Want updates on new Clarissa projects? Mom Mom is a contented homemaker juggling her responsibilities to three super kids and a doting hubby with the skill of a circus performer. If an uncomfortable situation arises, Randy knows that a smile and an upbeat attitude are the best way to push right through it.

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We all love WB but I do not see any Clarissa in your store. Please email me if you do release a book on her. Ok, I got to the end and agree with Papi — please continue! Does the other girl invite her into her force field?!

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How long can be this peek??? Or just give it a conclusion, but stop ignoring it, please! You have a responsability cuz I never saw so many people so disturbed because of a comic. We need it. AND Yo really ought to buy it! But I will not beg! Okay, sorry. Does your store delivery in Brazil?.. The proof of how important this comic is, is in the fact that psychologists who deal with sexual abuse survivors, and the survivors themselves, find something cathartic and therapeutic about reading this.

What are the distinguishable/signature writing styles of your favorite writers?

This is what most child sex abuse actually looks like, a normal family on the outside, and a child who hates herself and is ostracized for being a victim because nobody wants to think about something so horrifying. And everyone blames HER. For getting SICK from it. Get it? There would be more teachers with alarm bells going off in their heads when they see art depicting sexual themes from first graders instead of thinking that is a nasty little child.

There would be more teachers paying attention to the kids who are always depressed, who always hang their head down and walk alone on the playground. Child sex abuse thrives in secrecy.

It needs to be a very public topic. This comic presents the greatest level of awareness of it that I have ever read, anywhere.

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The multiple layers of meaning everywhere, the bath scene which drives home with such devastating force the feeling of a child not ever feeling safe in her own home. The behavior of the middle child breaks my heart. My mind is just completely fucked. Thanks, though! I have no real comment other than I respect and admire your work and wish you all the best.

Thanks for all this. JY: Thank you, John. Heh heh.

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Hushabye to your door. It was screen shots of the stuffed friend chapter. He gave credit and cited it. I decided to look into it to see if it was more than a standalone comic, and I have to say, this is some deep dark stuff.

Those that get angry for you shining light on this issue are simply behind the times and too afraid to appreciate that this gives non-abuse survivors like myself some perspective or understanding. So… Nice work. Believe it or not, my therapist told me to read this series…so I bought all of your online comics and Peek!. My work has never done any good for anyone least of all me!

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Jesus Henry Christ….. Just, wow. I think the Stuffed Friend chapter especially will be stuck with me for quite a while. Fuck man, after reading the whole Clarissa section I have written and rewritten this comment trying to think of something as starkly poignant as what you created…….. Your Clarissa comics are absolutely amazing. I love how blunt and clever the writing is, how you breathe life into Clarissa as a character in such a way that what she goes through feels real and relatable and not just there for shock value only.

I sincerely hope you plan on finishing the series someday, that would be awesome.

How to be a comic book writer, by Marvel's Chip Zdarsky

You rock. JY: Thank you, Boop.


The demands for more Clarissa are coming in daily. I may have to make some new plans for ! As soon as I get my next paycheck I will be buying more of Clarissa. Her story means so much to me, and despite any naysayers, I think you do very well taking such a serious topic and going with a realistic approach with it.

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Keep up the great work, her story is a lot more appreciated than you think. Man, this is amazing. You need to finish this!!! Thanks for answering peoples messages. Clarissa has been a really important comic to me, having been sexually abused multiple times in my life. It offers me a way to cope and move on.

Comic book writing reddit wtf

Hope to see more soon, thank you for your time. Poe or no? Frightening to think that he may actually serious; worse, that there may a sizable percentage of the US population who are equally insightful. Honestly, this is something everyone should read. Ignore every one who has no idea what the life of Clarissa is like.

Seriously DC WTF is going on?

I saw the book at peek but is the a way to buy a digital version? JY: Oh my yes! Search my store for Deep Fried and Peek! I need every Clarissa comic created compiled into its own book. Are there any plans for this in the foreseeable future? JY: YES! Are you working on clarissa still? Will there be a new comic about her story? There is more to come.

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Join the Clarissa mailing list to be the first to know when her next story will drop. Why dont you set up a patreon and advertise on twitter and other social media? I see people make thousands off of webcomics due to proper advertising and management. The most important thing is to create a new comic each week, provide sketches to patrons, etc.

Ko-fi, steemit, librapay. JY: Thanks for the input, Zirk! I actually am already offering a subscription service based on all those suggestions right now! And anyone wishing to learn about upcoming Clarissa content can do so by contacting me at clarissa-AT-whatisdeepfried. So not speaking about things like this solve the issue? Hiding sexual abuse stops it?

Comic book writing reddit wtf

Fuck offfff!! Love your stuff xxx. Your email address will not be published. Website URL. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. First in Chapter Previous Prev. Daddy A hardworking breadwinner and proud papa of a perfectly normal and well-adjusted American family.

Just ask them. Name: E-mail:.

Comic book writing reddit wtf

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