First Day Of Preschool Book Ideas

First day of preschool book ideas

Are you excited to go back to teaching? I know some of you are already back in the classroom. I go back in just over a month and I am starting to make my lesson plans. Also even though I do very little formal assessment in my class of year-olds, I am always informally assessing them and the first week is no exception. I want to find out how long they can listen to a story, how many songs they can sing before jumping up and running across the room seems like a better idea, and simply what they are interested in.

Circle Time Activities and Books for The First Week Of Preschool

Circle time at the start of the year is short, and sometimes it takes a long time before it gets longer. Every year I adjust it to the class. Still, here are some great first week or two of preschool circle time ideas you can use while you are still in that adjustment period.

Before we read at my circle, we do our Good Morning Song and Chant. You can click through to see both! This is a fun little book about a mouse that gets a trip in a backpack to school and then explores all the wonderful things in a preschool classroom.

First day of preschool book ideas

Prep: Take photos of all the significant features in your classroom. The sensory table, the science corner, the table where you eat your snack and so on.

Laminate the photos. Read the book.

Books That Help With Separation Anxiety

Tell the children that mouse found all the wonderful things in the classroom on his first day and they will too.

Show the children that you have photos and tell them you need help finding all the places in them. Show one photo and ask if anyone knows where the area pictured in the photo is. Next, go through each photo repeating the process.

This is a simple book about shapes that is just the right length for a short start of the year circle time. The illustrations are simple but bright and engaging. For my class at the start of the year I would do three shapes circle, square, and triangle but with an older class, I would do more. Print out and laminate our shape cards or make some of your own.

You will also need access to music that you can turn on and off. Print our shape cards here. Tell the children that today at circle you will be getting up to play a game. Explain that when the music stops, you will hold up a shape card, they must find the shape on the floor and stand in it until the music begins again.

February 6 birthday profile book

This lesson is a good test to see if your students are ready for circle times with a lot of movement. What I love about this book is that it talks about how we all feel different emotions sometimes. Sometimes we are mad or sad or silly! The bright colors capture your audience as well. Cut out and laminate. Pop the photos in a basket or bag and pull one out at a time.

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Ask the children how the child feels. They can yell it out or mimic the feeling as their answer.

First Day Of Preschool Tips + Back to school tips, hacks and books

This is a GREAT activity with very young groups, and you can keep it going for a long time if they are into it and cut it short if they are wiggly. Also, it makes a great activity put out at free choice for the children to explore on their own. Learning about emotions is key, and I chose to focus a large amount of energy on this topic in my classroom.

I am not sure I need to introduce any of you to this book, but I will anyway. This simple book is all about animals and colors, with each animal introducing the next.

Create a List

The text is very repetitive and the artwork outstanding. Prep: Print out our colorful animal cards and laminate. Feel free to print out as many as you need. Grab sheets of construction paper in matching colors, you can laminate these too to make a set if you want. Print animal cards here.

First day of preschool book ideas

Take a moment to talk about all the colors in the book. Tell the children that you have colorful animals that need to find their matching color mat. Explain that you will call out a color and if that child has that color animal they will place their animal on the matching sheet of paper. Hand each child a colored animal card and place the construction paper sheets in the middle of the circle. Call out a color and invite the children to match.

Repeat until all the children have placed their animals on the mats. I have both versions listed here because while a class like mine who are years old the board book is perfect for PreK it will be way too short and you should use the longer full version.

Prep: Using letter magnets place the first initial of each student and yourself into a small bag that you can not see through. If you do not have a magnet board try letter stickers instead. You can make a palm tree or use our printables. Attach the palm tree to the wall or magnet board.

Welcoming Your New Students

Print trunk here. Print tree top here. Read the story. Tell the children that just like the letters in the story their letters are going to climb the tree.

The 9 Best Starting-Preschool Books to Read With Your Kids of 2020

But that you need help deciding which letter belongs to each of them. Alissa your name starts with A! In very large classes simply have the children raise their hand and you place it on the tree. Do you have go-to circle time activities for the first day of preschool? I would love to hear about it!

First day of preschool book ideas

Want more preschool lesson plans and circle time activities? Our Build Preschool Thematic Units have tons of great ideas! I absolutely agree! Thanks for the big help!

Awesome First Day of School Activities for Kindergarten

So glad I found this site. Thank you for your ideas. Bringing some new excitement into my planning for PreK. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

First day of preschool book ideas

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Books About Starting School

This post contains affiliate links. Book: Mouse Shapes This is a simple book about shapes that is just the right length for a short start of the year circle time. Print our shape cards here Read the book. Activity: How do they feel? Activity: Color Matching.

Print animal cards here Read the book.

First Day of Preschool Advice & Lesson Plan Ideas From an Experienced Preschool Teacher

Print trunk here Print tree top here Read the story. Like this post? Share it with a friend!

First day of preschool book ideas

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