The Book Of Kells Bruno Coulais The Chorus

The book of kells bruno coulais the chorus

The Book of Kells

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The book of kells bruno coulais the chorus

Timmer wrote 7 hours of watching on youtube!??? Anything with an orchestra or with a choir Is the score released? Not even KOKO would watch 7 hours of youtube Love Maintitles. It's full of Wanders. I beat you for 20 seconds!

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Christodoulides wrote 7-hour long film? I know, but is this another remake of the same ol' story again? CommentAuthor timme CommentTime Jan 22nd There is an interview with Bruno Coulais you can listen to at www. BhelPuri wrote Holy cow! No one's mentioned Le Comte de Monte Cristo? I saw the 7 hr long film just a few weeks back and I have the theme playing in my head even now.

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It's OOP and I've searched like crazy. But there's always youtube. Very strong work! Oceans eh? VERY interesting project, both film and score wise.

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Keep us posted! I watched Coraline yesterday and I really loved the music! I expected more Elfman type score, but it reminds me more of Thomas Newman.

The Book of Kells

But I'm wondering what language was the lyrics of the children chorus? It wasn't dubbed and with no subtitles, only one word I could understand was "dream" in the opening song. I should get the album anyway. Labels are for cans, not people.

The book of kells bruno coulais the chorus

CommentAuthor timme CommentTime Feb 10th The lyrics are a cominbation of french, english and made up words by coulais himself. All the lyrics that he uses in his scores are made up by Bruno.

The book of kells bruno coulais the chorus

He told this to me in an interview. Thanks timme! I'll check out your interview. It contains the four Gospels of the New Testament transcribed by Celtic monks. In spring two films that Coulais scored will be released. Oceans is disappointing What is Oceans like?


I've read several negative opinions now but none of them were very specific. It's Coulais, how bad can it be?? I love you all. Never change. Well, unless you want to!


It's unfocused and it lacks the usual trademarked Coulais melodic coherence and magic. It's a very sparse and all over the place album, especially for a Coulais.

Disappointing is the word. Whether writing for a documentary or a kid-friendly animated film, Coulais creates moods and emotions in the absence of actors. Mixing orchestra and adding contrapuntal themes tease additional meanings and emotions from a scene according to Coulais.

Coulais writes the original score and also acts as his own orchestrator. The documentary offers an unprecedented look beneath the sea, exploring the playful splendor and the harsh reality of the weird and wonderful creatures that live within.

The book of kells bruno coulais the chorus

Coulais hopes through this film, and his music, the audience will have a greater understanding of how important it is to preserve the splendor of the oceans. His score is written for a full orchestra, a kind of concerto for harp and violin with electronic sounds. The joyful documentary follows the babies from first breath to first steps, on a journey at once universal and amazingly original. The vocals sound like the beginning of human language.

Author: Ray Costa Love Maintitles.

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And i will definitely not Love Maintitles. Christodoulides wrote And i will definitely not. No, just read the description Love Maintitles. Or or melodic. Or powerful. Or old.

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Or new. Or fun.

The book of kells bruno coulais the chorus

Or breathing. Or verbose. Although the subjects live in different parts of the world — a small African village, a Mongolian farm, a bustling Tokyo and an environmentally conscious San Francisco the film joyfully captures the earliest stages of life that are at once unique and universal to us all. We hoped to express that universal truth. The words of the lyrics have no meaning.

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I'll be contacting a short interview with him sometime next week. Any questions you want answered? Post here or via pm. Thanks for your help.

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OK he didn't have an easy job, in the way that he was preceding Bear McCreary, the guy I actually came to Tenerife for, but all in all he made a really good impression on me. Although he didn't conduct himself, he was present during the performance. I particularly liked the Himalaya piece and the pieces from Oceans also appealed to me.

The pieces from Microcosmos I didn't like as much. After the concert was finished and Bear McCreary basically brought the house down I did have a short chat with him, thanking him for the opportunity to listen to his music.

The Book of Kells Lyrics

I have to say, I felt a little sad for him, because, he got a nice, friendly applause, but after McCreary's performance, the crowd went wild, with standing ovations and everything.

Bruno Coulais seemed like a very nice gentleman. I would definitely be interested in listening to some of his music. Anything you guys can recommend me because given my limited experience with the man, I'd love to hear your input. Elin Recognizing somebody else's strength doesn't diminish your own Joss Whedon. I don't have as much as I would like by Coulais but everything I've heard of his I've liked. Here's a piece from my favourite Himalaya is probably his best work to date; very heartfelt and human-centered.