Vw Long Block 1776 Book

Vw long block 1776 book

A longblock is a very popular choice for those looking to replace their bottom end. Valve cover to valve cover, flywheel to oil pump and everything in between. All units are tested and tuned on a live engine stand and checked for quality and functionality before being sent to you.

What you need to complete this is swap your intake, exhaust, sheet metal, etc and you are ready to drive. Upgrade the stock crankshaft to a 69mm counterweighted crankshaft.

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Designed to improve balance in the motor, reduce wear on the case, and extend the life of your motor. Upgrade the heads on the motor to Mofoco's Cylinder Heads with 40mm intake and How did this engine get its nickname? This is the final product.

1776 VW Engine Turnkey Complete

This engine has proven to be a great success in providing great reliability, awesome street performance and excellent driveability. Just ask Todd Kaho! All Rights Reserved. Shipped how you want it!

NEW 1776 Dual Port 0 MILE Longblock

Type 1 Performance Longblocks All new case engines are currently at a minimum of eight weeks lead time. Rebuilt case engines are currently at a minimum of weeks lead time. We are a family owned, performance, custom-build shop Mofoco is one of the slowest because Mofoco is the one of the best.

Vw long block 1776 book

Buy with confidence directly from the engine builder. Mofoco has almost 50 years of experience in the VW industry building aircooled VW engines. How many other companies allow you to speak with the person building your engine?

Scat VW Crate Engines

View Larger Image. All new case engines are currently at a minimum of eight weeks lead time.

Vw long block 1776 book

Street Performance - Series I. A popular choice if you're looking to step up from a stock displacement engine. Offers the same reliability as stock but gives additional performance. Add a lightened flywheel to your motor to improve acceleration at the line. Not Recommended for Bus applications.

This is Mofoco's exclusive Hydraulic Cam and Lifter kit which will save you from having to ever adjust lifters again. This kit includes hydraulic camshaft, hydraulic lifters and chromoly push rods.

Vw long block 1776 book

When you are installing a motor with an auto-stick transmission, you will need the correct oil pump and flex plate. This will insure you have no problems when doing the install.

Zero Miles Type 1 Long-Block Engine

Email A Friend. Request Info. Offers the same reliability as stock but gives you additional performance. Standard Rocker Shafts. Extend the life of your motor by adding on a filter oil pump with spin on filter.

Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes. The performance clutch option includes a Kennedy LB pressure plate, stock solid clutch disc and throwout bearing.

1.7 Liter Long-Block 2/4 (8/71-73)

This engine is a spin off of the "Project Streetwise". Many of you asked for a similar engine combination but one that has more horsepower without scarificing too much reliability. The "Pro Street" is that engine!

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It differs in size and in valve train. It does not have a hydraulic setup, it comes with a performance camshaft designed for dual carbs.


This is the longblock version of our most popular stroker motor configuration. The Outlaw Street Motor built by Mofoco to be the best street performance motor you can buy. It delivers the horsepower you are looking for, but still has the reliability you need. Street Performance - Series I Street Sleeper - Series I