Apex 3-pin Fiber Optic Sight Manual Treadmill

Apex 3-pin fiber optic sight manual treadmill

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I recently upgraded the sight on my compound bow to a 4-pin Sword Apex Hunter. I had purchased the bow used off the archerytalk. After contacting Brandon over at Sword great guy , they told me that the fiber optic thread was not clipped close enough to the pin hole.

They recommended that I c lip the end of the thread and use a lighter to very carefully flare the end so it would not pull back through the hole.

Which means I burned the fiber optic which causes the end of the fiber optic to emit as much light. I therefore took it apart and pulled more line through and fixed the pin. In the process, I accidentally broke two threads while trying to pull more slack from the wrapped threads. Below, you can see how the top pin in green emits almost zero light, since the thread was broken.

Assemble the tools needed for the job. I used:. Anything that can get in the way of you positioning your bow and working on it.

Now, and depending on the sight, remove the sight window, which protects the pin and houses the bubble. Yours may be removed differently, so inspect your sight and determine how to do it. Here, you can get a better picture of where the break in the line is. This was caused by trying to pull the thread through without unwrapping the tubing and freeing the fiber optic.

The tension snapped the line as it runs through a hole in the base of the pin.

Apex 3-pin fiber optic sight manual treadmill

Remove those. Word of warning: Remove small set screws like this on a padded surface, or at least on a table.

Sure enough, while trying to photograph removing the set screws for this post, I dropped one. I spent 10 minutes trying to find it in the carpet. I did learn a good trick for finding it, use a high output flash light! Hold it low and look for the shine of the screw.

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Carefully remove the tubing from the origin, not the from where the threads exit to run to the pins. Remove the old or broken thread. Using needle pliers or tweezers, pull the thread from the pin head hole.

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In the case of this Sword sight, tiny black rubber bands are found on each pin to keep the thread fixed on the pin. Remove this prior to running the line.

How To Repair The Fiber Optic Thread on Your Bow Sight

Using pliers, tweezers, or hemostats, very gently pull more fiber optic thread from the wrapped gang of threads. Pull enough line through to enter through the pin hole a few millimeters. Replace the rubber band and gently roll it up the pin toward the base.

Apex 3-pin fiber optic sight manual treadmill

If you have extra slack in the line, pull more thread out the front of the pin hole to remove the slack. Now, for the fun and dangerous part. Keep your finger on the back of the pin and clip the thread as close as you can to the pin while leaving a hint of thread visible.

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Take a standard carpenters nail in a pair of pliers and heat the nail head with a lighter or utility torch. Take the heated nail and hold the head close to the nipped thread. The heat from the nail should be sufficient to flare the thread enough to hold it in place without burning it.

Check the fiber optic by looking down the sight.

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If satisfied, rewrap the the protective sheathing, and reassemble the sight. Not so bad right? Good luck and tight groups! And good on ya for passing them down to newbie archers!


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Apex 3-pin fiber optic sight manual treadmill