Flight Crew Training Manual A330 Seat

Flight crew training manual a330 seat

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Safety Management Training

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Flight crew training manual a330 seat

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Advanced Search. Go to Page Thread Tools. Search this Thread. Last edited by StudentInDebt; 5th Jul at View Public Profile. Originally Posted by Bob Viking. Thankyou for your very detailed and thoughtful post.

I fully appreciate that when IMC at night the situation the pilots were presented with was confusing and terrifying in equal measure.

Flight crew training manual a330 seat

Who knows what I would have done on that Airbus that day. However, I know what I would have done in my fast jet.

Flight crew training manual a330 seat

It has happened to me, albeit during the day, and my knowledge of power settings and attitudes meant that I was able to conclude fairly quickly that it was obviously a faulty ASI. At a lower altitude in my fast jet if I kept pulling back on the stick it would loop. Find More Posts by etudiant. Bob Viking.

He stated he had the controls and had been in the seat for 9 minutes when the AP disconnected. How long does he need to get comfortable. How could a qualified pilot not know that?

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Surely any long haul airline pilot must expect for the duties to be shared round between the crew. The one positive thing that comes out of the AF incident is the learning that is now, belatedly, coming out of it. As I said I am not trying to rile people but, as a frequent long haul passenger, I obviously have a vested interest.

Find More Posts by Bob Viking. Originally Posted by ZFT. Somewhat confused as the motion systems haven't changed.

H225 Flight Crew Operating Manual

I assume the motion pad wasn't correct to start with and more aggressive use caused the problem? Find More Posts by yoko1. As much as I welcome seeing the CAA waking up to the problem, there were similar calls for reform after AF and Colgan Air which have not been fully enacted.

Flight crew training manual a330 seat

While we are seeing the introduction of advanced upset training, at least at my airline there has been no additional time allotted in the sim. As a result, this training has the effect of crowding out other events, and the pacing of the sim sessions has become even more chopped up as the instructor pushes through all the boxes with event, position reset, event, positions reset.

It is becoming increasingly hard to absorb the lessons from one event before moving on to the next one. Originally Posted by TheiC. Find More Posts by Sailvi Originally Posted by etudiant. The evidence suggests that the PF in AF did not recognize that he had the stick back , perhaps because he had not properly settled into the left seat when the Captain gave him the nod rather than the more senior PM. Find More Posts by infrequentflyer May I add?

I realise a direct comparison between an A and a small FJ is a little specious but flying is flying at the end of the day. I once watched for a short time whilst my FO handled turbulence so pronounced that it disconnected the auto pilot a rare occurrence in the A , the auto thrust remained engaged.

We were close to max cruise alt with a narrow gap in the speed tape. Whilst yoyoing up and down the engines spooled up and unspooled to maintain speed, but slowly enough to be out of sync with his pitching.

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There is a tendency to want to retain vertical separation rather than admit loss of control. He learned a lot that night. Find More Posts by beardy. Originally Posted by beardy.

Find More Posts by gearlever.

Originally Posted by gearlever. Why do you find this so difficult?! How about we turn down the suck and turn up the awesome? The three principles of old school flying instruction.

Flight crew training manual a330 seat

Fear, sarcasm and ridicule. Ah, the good old days.

Loss of Control In-Flight - Flight Crew training

Originally Posted by yoko1. Find More Posts by neilki. Last edited by beardy; 5th Jul at But life is grey; what is responsibility, why or how to proportion responsibility. Decisions follow awareness. Following the introduction of A it was suggested that the type should have a specific instrument rating; it was the exception.

Nowadays that technology is the norm, the exceptions are legacy aircraft. Who identifies the significance of this difference and decides on a course of action; probably the authorities, but that should not exclude everyone else.

New from old is easier to judge - adapt to the new; however, new back to old is retrograde, more difficult to justify, it depends on assumptions that the standards of human performance are maintained, and those which are currently trained still apply to the older technologies.

We have same-type differences ratings upwards, but retrograde … … Thus everyone should continuously review the assumptions in operation, old and new; that is what the safety notice asks …, but who asks the CAA.

Find More Posts by alfh. The entire thrust of the argument about AF centers around recovery from stall but not much is discussed about the incorrect handling in alternate law. The crew didn't realize the UAS but they should have realized they were in alternate law. Even simple theoretical knowledge that in alternate law you never apply full back stick would have saved the day. Find More Posts by vilas.

Originally Posted by vilas. Gipsy Queen. Originally Posted by old,not bold. It is a devastating indictment of regulators and operators who have allowed a situation to develop where this SN is necessary. Stripped of the dreadful jargon-ridden, ungrammatical verbiage it is telling everyone to get back to teaching and practising basic flying skills.

Isn't it? Find More Posts by Gipsy Queen. This is but an extension of the lamentable quality of teaching currently to be found in the British maintained education system. Last edited by sheppey; 6th Jul at Find More Posts by sheppey. Show Printable Version.

Airbus A330/A340 CBT #4 EFIS PFD Presentation

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