Kodak Easyshare P880 User Manual

Kodak easyshare p880 user manual

Kodak EasyShare P880 zoom digital camera — User's guide

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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Page 29 - Ordering prints online Page 30 - Transferring and printing pictures Page 31 - Dock compatibility for your camera Page 32 - Doing more with your camera Page 33 Page 34 Page 35 Page 36 - Scene modes Page 37 - Using the focus button Page 38 - Using the drive mode for self-timer, bur Table of Contents.

Kodak EasyShare P Schneider-Kreuznach and Xenar are trademarks of Jos. Page 5: Table Of Contents 3 Transferring and printing pictures Page 6 4 Doing more with your camera Page 7 Camera specifications Page 8 www. Page 9: Setting Up Your Camera Attaching the lens hood Use the lens hood when you want to protect the lens from unwanted sun glare.

Reverse the hood when unwanted sun glare is not a concern or when you use the flash.

KODAK P880 ZOOM User Manual

For lens accessories, see page www. Purchase these and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or visit www. Loading the battery Press OK. For best results, purchase a Kodak card.

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NOTE: When using the card for the first time, format it in this camera before taking pictures see table on page Page 15 Shutter button and recompose the scene. When you use AF Zone see table on You can change optical zoom before or during video recording. When the Shutter button is pressed halfway in low-light, the AF assist light may emit a brief beam of light, if necessary, to illuminate the subject.

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Page Using An External Flash Unit When you want additional or specialized lighting, use an external flash unit sold separately , that uses a Hot-shoe unit or an External flash connector.

NOTE: Pictures taken at the 7. Page 21 Taking pictures and videos Multi-selection of pictures during review Use the Set button to create a set of pictures to review and to perform various functions, for example Delete page 17 , Protect page 16 , and Copy page 59 NOTE: The selective settings are not kept when you turn off the camera. Page Magnifying A Picture During Review Taking pictures and videos Magnifying a picture during review Use either the Digital zoom button or the Command dial to magnify your pictures.

ALL—protects all pictures and videos from your current storage location. The picture or video is protected and cannot be deleted.

The Protect icon appears with the protected picture or video. EXIT—exits the Delete screen. ALL—deletes all pictures and videos from your current storage location. NOTE: To delete protected pictures and videos, remove protection before deleting.

Kodak easyshare p880 user manual

Registering lets you sign up for information that keeps your system up-to-date. To register later, see www.

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Page Transferring Pictures Purchase these and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or www. For dock compatibility for your camera, see page Purchase this and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or www. Page Ordering Prints Online 2 Optional: If you have a Kodak 5-volt AC adapter optional accessory , plug it into the camera and into an electrical outlet. The PictBridge logo is displayed, followed by the current picture and menu.

If no pictures are found, a message is displayed.

Kodak easyshare p880 User Manual

If the menu interface turns off, press any Use Auto mode for general picture-taking. Use this mode Mode Switch—Capture and Favorites. Capture Taking pictures and videos.

Favorites Viewing your favorites see page Page 33 —full-frame portraits of people.

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Allows the subject to be sharp and the background to be indistinct. For best results, position your subject at least 6 ft 2 m away and fill the frame with a head and shoulder pose. Use Telephoto to exaggerate background blur. Page 34 Exposure compensation acts as an exposure meter, recommending the proper combination of aperture and shutter speed to produce an acceptable exposure.

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To prevent camera shake, use a tripod for slow shutter speeds. Use the Command dial and Set button to select and adjust settings see page Page 35 Custom and menu settings which are saved independent of other camera settings.

If you created settings in another mode, you can transfer and save them to any of the C modes using Copy to Custom see table on page Page Scene Modes Sport Subjects that are in motion. Shutter speed is fast. Sunset Preserves the deep hues seen in sunsets. Candle Captures the ambiance of candle light.

Macro Sharpness and detail in pictures at close range. Use available light instead of flash, if possible. For determining the quantity saved, see Flash forced off. NOTE: During quickview you can delete all pictures in the burst series. To delete selectively, do so in Review see page Page Determining The Burst Capacity Doing more with your camera Determining the burst capacity The quantity of burst depends on the quality mode and the rate of compression.

Quality mode This allows for creative compositions and exposure situations. Retains the settings and prevents changes accidentally. Use focus lock to obtain exact focus subject and situations where AF may not work. Allows for creative compositions and focus situations. Examples: Low-contrast scenes: subject is wearing clothing that is the same color as the background.

Page Using The Program Button For example, if you frequently adjust the Custom white balance settings, you can program this button to bring up the Custom white balance submenu—no need to access the menu to search for it. The Program button may be unavailable in some modes.

Kodak easyshare p880 user manual

Page Program Review Settings Doing more with your camera Program capture settings Pressing the Program button in Capture, after program setup, allows for direct access to the submenus. Some of the flash settings may not be available in all Capture or SCN modes.

Kodak easyshare p880 user manual

When you change to Auto or Red-eye in some of these modes, it becomes the default until you change it. Page 48 Press OK or Set.

Kodak easyshare p880 user manual

Auto and SCN mode settings automatically adjust the camera sensitivity to the light conditions. Press Exposure metering. Press again to exit. Press OK or Set. Optimal exposure is usually achieved when the peak is in the middle of the histogram.

Kodak easyshare p880 user manual

Page Changing Picture-taking Settings Doing more with your camera Changing picture-taking settings You can change settings to get the best results from your camera: 1 Press the Menu button press again to exit. Page Still Menu Options 10 x 15 cm prints without cropping. Also for printing up to 30 x 40 in. Date Stamp Choose a date option, or turn off the feature. Video Length Continuous default —as long as there is room on the card or internal memory, or until you press the Choose a video duration.

Shutter button. This setting remains until you 5, 15, or 30 seconds turn off the camera. Page 59 Theme default —overall.

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Shutter Choose an overall sound theme or individual sounds. Self-timer Error Sound Volume Turn off all sounds, or choose a volume level.

EasyShare P880

SCN mode descriptions remain active. Removing a card Page 63 Rear Sync —synchronizes at the end of the shutter. The flash fires just before the shutter closes to create a stream-of-light effect behind a moving object for a more natural appearance.

Place the camera on a flat surface or tripod.