Software Popcorn Hour C-200 Manual

Software popcorn hour c-200 manual

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Popcorn Hour A-400 User Manual

Page of 81 Go. Popcorn Hour C User Manual. Table of Contents. Page 2: Table Of Contents 3. Safety Notes Technical Specifications Getting Started Page 3 Movie Meta Data Networked Media Jukebox Page 4: Introduction 1.

Software popcorn hour c-200 manual

Powered by Syabas Technology, the Popcorn Hour C is a state of the art digital entertainment center with a TV apps market to enhance your home entertainment. Safety Notes Read these operating instructions carefully before using the unit.

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Follow the safety instructions on the unit and the applicable safety instructions listed below. Keep these operating instructions handy for future reference. Page 6: Technical Specifications www. Getting Started 5.

POPCORN HOUR C-300 User Manual

Please make sure the HDMI terminal is connected to input rather than output. Tips: Some TVs have input and output terminals for composite connection. Please ensure that it is connected to the input ter- minal. Page Connecting To Component Tv TV with Component Terminal Step 1 Connect the component cables to both the component terminals on the C and your TV by match- ing the green, blue and red video plugs and the red and white audio plugs to their coordinating termi- nals.

Page 12 www. Page Introduction To Home Menu www. Introduction to Home menu The HOME screen is the main hub for accessing content from a local source USB or internal hard drive , a network share or from the apps market. You can also view the current time and weather.

Popcorn Hour C-300 Manuals

Know the weather without leaving the comfort of your couch. Quick Setup Wizard Setting up your Popcorn Hour C using the setup wizard is vital for proper operation of the media player.

For advance users, you may skip to Chapter 9.

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Page 16 www. For wireless connection only: If your password is wrong, an error message will be displayed. Please check your password and re-enter it. Page 18 www. Optional: If you do not have a proxy server on your network, you may proceed to next step. If you received the congratulations prompt, your net- work setup is complete.

Popcorn Hour C-200 Manuals

Choose your time-zone and daylight savings setting. This will affect system timing and the time is re- flected on your home screen. Page 20 www. Tips: If you have completed the setup wizard steps, the corresponding settings can be found and update here. Page Preferences www.

Software popcorn hour c-200 manual

Device Name Display language for the user interface Only applicable if you install NMT apps Default subtitle track for video playback System Language Transition setting for photo slideshows Subtitle Language Determines how long each photo will remain onscreen Photo Transition Page Video www.

Please Video Output check your TV specifications before setting the video resolution.

Popcorn Hour C-200. Configuracion de la Red. IP Manual

System automatically selects the most suitable AUTO video resolution for your display Should only be used for initial setup Composite Output Video Zoom Disable video zooming. Actual Size Fit to screen Video fills as much of the screen as possible without being cropped or changing the aspect ratio.

Page Network configure Ip www. This is needed when engaging support services or trouble shooting.

User Manuals & Guides C-200

Mac Address Mode Select this if your media player is connected to the router via an ethernet cable. Wired Select this if a wireless dongle is inserted and you have a wire- less network you want to connect to. Page Add Share www. It can also be used on MAC and linux based devices. Samba The NFS protocol offers faster network transfer speeds however not every device supports it.

Software popcorn hour c-200 manual

Select the folder you would like to add. Page Edit Share www. If required, you can add a username and password at this stage and then save this share.

Popcorn Hour C-300

The Default password is File Lock Default Prevents users from editing or deleting files. This only applies to DVD and Blu-ray movies.

For more information, please refer to your local ratings Child Lock system. Pre-select the default audio track for DVD and Blu-ray videos.

You can also manually check Firmware Update for a firmware update and reset the device to factory settings from this menu. In accordance with GPL, a list of open source licenses that the device uses are listed here. Doing so may cause the device to become inoperable.

Tips: The Popcorn Hour C supports offline firmware updating.

Software popcorn hour c-200 manual

Please visit our support website for more information. If you ever need to reset all your device settings, you may do so here. Access instant video on demand services, online radio, social networking, games and much more. The apps market is updated frequently so check back to expand your multimedia lineup.

Firmware and Software S-300

Page 36 www. The installed apps will appear in the My Apps category. If you already have an account, please enter your email address and password. Page File Browser Local Media cal device. You can also elect to install a hard drive inside the Popcorn Hour C to store media files on the device itself.

Firmware C-200

View Mode Listing A traditional file list with filename, date and size. Thumbnail This view displays the thumbnail if available and informa- tion for the currently selected file. Page 40 www. A checkmark is vis- ible on the filename to indicate that it has been marked. Page Movie Meta Data This feature differs from NMJ as this is only visible in the file brows- er mode.

Movie Fan-Art 2. Movie Poster or thumbnail 3. Movie synopsis gives you an overview of the movie. The fanart, movie poster and meta-data are automatically pulled from the web and displayed on your screen. The poster, fanart and NFO files are downloaded and saved on the same storage device that your video file is located on.

You can press INFO on your re- Change info mote to see the synopsis before selecting that particular entry. Under the Change fanart section you can select from a number of photos that can be used as the back- Change fanart ground display when viewing the video information.

Software popcorn hour c-200 manual

Page 48 Afterwards, remember to download the data that way the changes you selected will always be used when you press the INFO button on your video. Tips: In order to download meta-data, you must connect your Popcorn Hour C to an internet connection.

POPCORN HOUR C-200 User Manual

A list of results will come up. Choose the subtitle that best matches your movie.

Software popcorn hour c-200 manual

Page 50 www. The downloaded SRT subtitle file will be saved on the same storage device as your video file. Without the need of additional PC software, the Popcorn Hour C will scan your movie and TV show library and download the poster, fanart and meta-data for you.

When you want to watch a movie, you can sort through and view your collection using the posters, just like if you were at a movie store. Page Configuring Nmj www. This databse contains all the info, posters and fanart for your entire movie and TV show library as well as any other media you scan in.