Suzuki 230 Quadsport Manual Download

Suzuki 230 quadsport manual download

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Suzuki LT 4WD, LT F4WDX & LT F250 Repair Manual Instant Download

This manual will help you know the vehicle better so. If modifications have been made since. They may not represent the.

Suzuki 230 quadsport manual download

If you do not have the proper knowledge and. The text of this manual is divided into sections.


Holding the manual as shown at the right will allow you to find the first page of the section easily. Page 5 Apply molybdenum oil solution. Apply or use brake fluid.

Measure in voltage range. Page Pay special attention to the mes- sages highlighted by these signal words. Indicates a potential hazard that could result in death or injury. If engine oil with a rating of SAE 10W is not available, select an alter- native according to the chart.

Suzuki 230 quadsport manual download

Independent, double wishbone, coil spring, oil damped Rear suspension Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped Front wheel travel NOTE: More frequent servicing may be performed on vehicles that are use under severe conditions. If the air cleaner is clogged with dust, intake resistance will be increased, with a resultant decrease in power output and an increase in fuel consumption.

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Immerse the air cleaner element in the cleaning solvent and wash it. Press the air cleaner element between the palms of both hands to remove the excess solvent: do not twist or wring the element, or it will tear. Remove the right footrest mud guard.

NOTE: Valve clearance is to be checked when the engine is cold. The intake and exhaust valves must be checked and adjusted when the piston is at Top-Dead-Center TDC on the compres- sion stroke. If the spark plug gap is out of specification, adjust the gap.

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Adjust the throttle cable play A as follows: Loosen the locknut 1 of the throttle cable. Turn the adjuster 2 in or out to obtain the correct play. The oil should be changed while the engine is warm. Oil filter replacement should be done together with the engine oil change at the intervals shown above. Install the new O-ring A onto the oil filter fitting boss of the clutch cover. Install the new O-ring B to the groove of the oil filter cap. Install new oil filter 2.

Tighten the drain plug 2. Remove the oil level check plug 4 and pour the specified oil through the filler hole until the oil over flows from the oil level check hole.

Remove the clutch adjuster cap 1. NOTE: Adjust the clutch release, when the engine is cold. Loosen the locknut 2.

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Tighten the adjusting screw 3 until it stops. Tighten the locknut 2 to the specified torque while holding the adjusting screw 3.

When the wear reaches the limit line, replace the pads with new ones. The brake lever play B as measured at the lever holder should be between 3 5 mm 0. Replace every 4 years. Check the brake hoses for leakage, cracks, wear and dam- age. If any damages are found, replace the brake hoses with new ones. Therefore, main- tain the correct tire pressure for good roadability and a longer tire life.

Suzuki LT230S LT230GE LT250S service manual repair 1985-1990

Cold inflation tire pressure is as follows. Steering system should be adjusted properly for smooth han- dling of the handlebars and safe running. Make sure the tire pressure for right and left tires is same and set to the proper specification. Check that all chassis nuts and bolts are tightened to their specified torque. Refer to page and for the locations of the following nuts and bolts.

Proper lubrication is important for smooth operation and long life of each working part of the vehicle. Major lubrication points are indicated below.

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The decision to overhaul the cylinder is often based on the results of a compression test. Periodic mainte- nance records kept at your dealership shoud include compression readings for each maintenance service.

This will give a good indication of the condition of the moving parts. To insure proper performance and longevity of the clutch assemblies, it is essential that the clutches engage smoothly and gradually.

Before checking the initial engagement and clutch lock-up, two inspection checks must be performed to thor- oughly check the operation of the drive train. Refer to the page listed in each section for removal and installation instructions.

Engine removal is sequentially explained in the following steps. Reinstall the engine by reversing the removal procedure. Drain engine oil. Disconnect the fuel and vacuum hoses. Remove the carburetor.

Suzuki ATV Factory Service Repair Manual PDF.

Disconnect the neutral switch lead wire coupler 6, signal generator lead wire coupler 7 and generator lead wire cou- pler 8. Remove the reverse lock release cable A. Disconnect the spark plug cap. Remove the right footrest B.

Suzuki 230 quadsport manual download

Remove the brake pedal C. Remove the exhaust pipe and gasket. Disconnect the breather hose D. Remove the starter motor lead wire. Remove the rear upper engine mounting nut, bolts and bracket E. Disengage the secondary driven gear shaft from the universal joint. Remove the right front fender bracket F. Dismount the engine to the right side. Be sure to use new nuts, and then tighten them to the specified torque.

If not, set the clutch release outer guide in suitable position.

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Gearshift lever Fix the clutch release outer guide by tightening the clutch release outer guide nuts 1. Page 52 4. Install the brake pedal as its slit matches with the punched mark on the shaft. Remove the valve timing inspection plug 1 and generator cover cap 2. Turn the crankshaft until the TDC line A on the generator rotor aligns with the index mark B on the crankcase. Remove the cam chain tension adjuster. Flatten the lock washer and remove the camshaft sprocket bolts.

Suzuki 230 quadsport manual download

Do not drop the C-ring 5 into the crankcase. Loosen the cylinder base nuts M6 2.

Remove the cylinder head nuts M8 diagonally. Remove the cylinder head. NOTE: If the cylinder head does not come off, lightly tap on the finless portion of it with a plastic hammer. Remove the switch contacts 2 and springs. Remove the dowell pins and secondary driven bevel gear assembly 1. Remove the oil filter and O-ring 1. Remove the dowel pins and gasket.