Syma S107 Rc Helicopter Repair Manual

Syma s107 rc helicopter repair manual

Because here it is! It seems that quite a few people stop by micro-helicopters.

Syma S107 Manual

I figured, why not scan mine in and post it up for others to see? I hope this will be helpful for people who lost their copy, or those who just want to get a glimpse into what the S is before they buy one. Jerome, I was having the same problem with it going crazy after takeoff. I found out the problem and here is the video how to fix it.


Does any one know the what the differance is between the A and B motors also does any one have a vid of replaceing a motor in the s? I have a new fully charged S The heli is not picking up the signal.

Syma s107 rc helicopter repair manual

Any suggestions? Jamie, Turn both transmitter and heli off.

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Then turn turn on again heli first. Make sure both the heli is fully charged and the transmitter has fresh batteries.

I Buy A Lot Of Syma’s from Amazon-8 star rating by me.

Good luck. The first thing I would do is check to make sure all gears are engaged properly. That is the most common cause for the rotor not spinning. If any of you are having issues, remember to not run it in front of your tv when the tv is turned on. It interferes with the rc remote.

My S has been out of action for some time.

S107 Tutorial: How To Set-up a 3 Channel RC Helicopter

I had gone as far as to buy new eletronics. Befour I installed I tried your tip worked and I am back in the air.

Is it some sort of a of a binding that you recomended.

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I sure would like to understand what happened so, I can deal with such a problem next time. Without further adieu, here is the manual.

Syma s107 rc helicopter repair manual

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Syma s107 rc helicopter repair manual

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Syma S107 Repair

S iPhone Control. Ready For a New Challenge?

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Syma s107 rc helicopter repair manual