All Jazz Real Book Bb 6th

All jazz real book bb 6th

We have indexed every standard individually as well. Or visit our Sheet Music Category here! This key is for instruments such as guitar , bass guitar , piano , vocals and any other C instruments.

The following instruments are Bb instruments: Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Bass saxophone, bass trumpet, bass clarinet and more. These fall under a different category as they are more stylistic aimed and added later on after the original Real Books were brought out.

When I was in college studying music, I dealt with Real Books on a daily basis. From small bands to big bands , to practicing improvising over changes to jam sessions.

First you need to make sure that you are aware of some of the most important songs in the jazz world. Obviously there are many many more. This is also the main reason why we have decided to share individual lead sheets of individual Real Book PDF books. Next, you need to memorize the most famous jazz standards.

THE MINOR SCALE (septatonic, hexatonic and pentatonic). Related to the Jazz Real Book PDF.

To be quite honest, yes there a lot of jazz standards, but the ones that get played often and are very famous are not a lot in quantity.

The thing that has helped me wing things a lot, is to really really pay attention when playing a song. Music is loud, everyone is playing all kinds of voicing and extensions.

You CAN get away with stuff. Above in the previous topic, we talked about everything we could be doing to be more in control of the song that we will be playing.

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And I will also be breaking down what it is you can be doing to change your sound as a player based on the scales that are available. The major scale is the most basic western music scale that exists.

What is the Real Book? (a jazz shibboleth)

Therefor it is extremely important to know this scale in every single key like the back of your pocket. Well, in a way these are 3 different version of the Major scale, and I will give you exactly the example of what they look like and why they are important to know!

It is used in any music genre, from classical, to jazz to pop music. The hexatonic scale is the way to go for free solos without worrying too much, but it is really good to know all of them!

Jazz Real Book PDF – The Complete Library

So make sure you practice all of them! It is also important to know that these 3 versions of the major scale also exist in the minor scale, however they do look a little bit differently, and we will have a look at that right now! Well, same as the major scale, the septatonic version is the most widely used version. If we were to be in the key of C minor, we would have the following notes be part of our C minor septatonic scale.

The hexatonic version is essentially the septatonic version, without the 6th degree, or the 6th note, which in this case is the Ab note. Why the 6th note is taken out in the minor version while the 4th note is taken out in the major version, is because they essentially have the same version.

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Let me explain. Every major scale has a relative minor. You can look at them as siblings and family members, which is why we call them relative. The relative minor to C major is not C minor, but A minor.

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So, if in the hexatonic major scale of C we take out the 4th note, which is F, we take out the 6th note in the minor hexatonic version, which is also the F note. The pentatonic scale follows the exact same principle of the major pentatonic scale. Essentially using the same notes as its relative major.

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So, if we look at the C major pentatonic scale and see that the notes that are being used are the C D E G A notes, and we know that the relative minor scale of the C major scale is A minor, we then take the same exact notes, except we just start it from the A note, which then we get A C D E G, which equates to the mathematical formula of 1 b3 4 5 b7.

Essentially, if we were to use G7 as an example, we could play the altered scale over the following dominant chord version that you could come across in music. There are a few other combinations such as dominant chords with a 5 and regular 9s, however I would use another scale on that for the sound of things.

It would be really could if your piano player who accompanies you would play an altered chord any of the ones mentioned above , but we could simply play the scale over it without the proper voicing underneath it, and it would still give some kind of cool effect.

All jazz real book bb 6th

When you do learn the altered scale, it is important to know that you can essentially make hundreds of different combinations that could end up in patterns. Actually, try taking it out in your playin and see what it does! Use this site as you please and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below.

All jazz real book bb 6th

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1.Know Your Scales

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All jazz real book bb 6th

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All jazz real book bb 6th

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