Best Book To Learn Plc Programming

Best book to learn plc programming

If you are an engineer you probably already know that.

Best book to learn plc programming

But there are quite a lot of those. There are a lot of great PLC training courses out there. Some of them are even free. But many of them are also poor quality and even misleading.

What are the best laptops for PLC Programming?

I took a lot of online PLC courses and with my experience and reviews from other people, I have decided to create this list over the best online courses. The second reason is that PLC programming is very platform specific.

Universities are often independent and cannot choose a specific brand for their PLC training course. That is why you will see a lot of private companies offer PLC programming courses from specific brands.

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Most often these courses are very expensive. They usually cost at in the 's of dollars per person, and they are not online. This means that you have to attend a school somewhere. In most cases the school is not even in your country or so far away, that you will also have to pay to live there.

Practical Tips and Techniques

This is where the online PLC courses come in. That is not the case. It is much more handy to just simulate the PLC on your computer.

It's only when I have to deploy my software at the costumer I will connect to a real PLC and load my software. Well, some of the course even include software for simulating real machines and automation lines.

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In my opinion here are the best online PLC training courses available. I will write my own review, the price and other peoples reviews of the courses.

How you can learn PLC Programming without spending a dime!

In that way you can choose yourself. I will also write a short description of each and which platform they are focused on. This course is the perfect way to get started with the most popular PLC platforms.

Best book to learn plc programming

You will be introduced to the 5 most used brands in the automation industry. In my opinion, this course is a necessity if you are serious about PLC programming. Knowing the most used platforms will give you a big advantage compared to programmers who only knows his way in one of them.

6 Best + Free PLC Programming Training & Course [2020 UPDATED]

Most PLC programmer jobs will even require you to know about at least some of them. In a way, this is the ultimate PLC training course. My recommendation is that you start with this course to get to know the platforms. Later on you will be able to specialize in one or two of them, depending on your work. With this course you will get lots of video material, articles, resources and exercises. Absolutely perfect for learning about all the 5 platforms.

How you can learn PLC Programming without spending a dime!

The reason for this, is that the software is very cheap — even free versions are available. In my opinion, this is one of the largest and best PLC training courses out there. Shane Welcher has made this course with more then 20 hours of video material!

They have articles about everything that an electrical engineer should know about.

Best book to learn plc programming

Also PLC programming. You will learn the very basics of ladder logic and PLC programming. The course is divided in two parts. First part is about the PLC basics.

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This course is probably the most popular PLC programming course online. This is a great course for beginners. At least the best, if you want to learn general PLC programming and principles. First of all because it is an easy platform to begin with.

Best Online PLC Training Courses

But also because it is cheap. This software is very cheap compared to the big shots like Siemens or Schneider.

Best book to learn plc programming

This makes them impossible to avoid for every PLC programmer. To be a great professional you have to know about the Siemens platform.

Best book to learn plc programming

And what better way to do it than with a cheap online course. This means that with this course you will not only learn how to program the S, but also to navigate the software for programming all of the other Siemens PLC products. They are actually more spread out than Siemens in some markets like the US.


For this reason, every PLC programmer with respect for himself should know how to program and configure these. Good for: Beginners university students Video: 6.

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PLC programming from scratch is brilliant. Paul is a brilliant teacher. Makes even the hardest subjects crystal clear. Worth every penny. Even gives you the download of the free version of logixpro I want to under go the basic PLC course online and have choose to do that with udemi.

Please kindly advice. Please suggest me some better course. Thank you. Why should I take an online PLC course? There are several reasons universities don't tech PLC programming.

Best online PLC training courses

One of them is that PLC programming is a skill. In universities you will learn about theoretical stuff, not skills. It's the same reason you won't learn how to use Photoshop in university. PLC training online. Absolutely not! There are a variety of different PLC brands, each with their own software. While some general principles like scan time and ladder logic may apply to every PLC, there are still some crucial differences between the PLC especially the software.

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PLC Programming. You might also like. Read More. I just saved your page for references and consultations. Thank you for comoiling this list. Regards Victor. Comes highly recommended.

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Best book to learn plc programming

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