Book 4 Chapter 5 Lotro Leveling

Book 4 chapter 5 lotro leveling

Let's Play LOTRO - Vol 2 - Book 4 - Chapter 5 - Drums in the Deep

As you journey through Middle-Earth, your character will have the opportunity to become a hero of Middle-Earth as you aid both the Fellowship and the Free Peoples with what is called the "Epic" quest line. This story is interwoven with J.

Book 4 chapter 5 lotro leveling

Tolkien's epic fantasy, both working alongside it - in a story created specifically for The Lord of the Rings Online - and crossing-over into it at important or interesting moments. After completing the first eight books of Volume 1, you will be granted the title A Light from the Shadow.


Completing all Volume 1 books up to and including Book 15 will grant you the title Bearer of Hope. Completing all of Volume 2 up to and including Book 9 shall reward you with the title Stalwart against the Shadow. Completing all 14 books of Volume 3 will earn you the title Friend to the Heir of Isildur.

Epic Introduction. Book I - Stirrings in the Darkness.

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Book IV - Chasing Shadows. Book V - The Last Refuge. Book X - The City of the Kings. Book XV - Daughter of Strife. Book I - The Walls of Moria.

Book II - Echoes in the Dark. Book IV - Fire and Water. Book V - Drums in the Deep. Book IX - Fortress of the Nazgul.

Book 4 chapter 5 lotro leveling

Epilogue - Of Elves and Dwarves. Book I - Oath of the Rangers.

Book IV - Rise of Isengard. Book V - The Prince of Rohan. Book VI - Mists of Anduin.

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Book X - Snows of Wildermore. Book I - The Road to Gondor. Book V - The Ride of the Rohirrim. Chapter 1 - Where the Shadows Lie.

Chapter 4 - Union of Evil.

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Chapter 5 - Legacy of the Necromancer. Chapter 6 - Wood, Lake, Mountain, and Stone. Chapter 7 - The Iron Hills. Chapter 8 - The Grey Mountains.

Chapter 9 - The Grey Mountains. Chapter 10 - The Vales of Anduin. Chapter 11 - Mordor Besieged. Chapter 12 - Mordor Besieged.

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Chapter 13 - Imlad Morgul. Chapter 14 - Imlad Morgul. From Lotro-Wiki.

Book 4 chapter 5 lotro leveling

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