Comic Book Hero Trivia For Kids

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If you were a child in the s or s then Superheroes and comic books may have played a huge part in your childhood. This quiz will test some fairly easy comic knowledge for the fans of the genre. Difficulty: Average. Played times.

As of Jan 17 What tragedy befell young Bruce and ultimately influenced his decision to become a crime fighter? His sister was raped. His parents were murdered.

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His brother was beaten and blinded. His father was wrongly imprisoned. Many know his human disguise is the mild mannered and reserved reporter Clark Kent. What is his Kryptonian birth name?

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Led by the telepathic Charles Xavier, the original team consisted of just five members. Which one was not an original member? The Beast. This scientist was exposed to Gamma Radiation which caused his body to undergo a change.

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Now whenever he gets angry his rage causes him to become "The Incredible Hulk". What is the name of the unfortunate scientist?

James Banner.

Donald Banner. Bruce Banner. William Banner. Known as "The Man without Fear" a freak accident took away his vision as a child but left his other senses extremely heightened.

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Who is this popular Marvel Comic Superhero? Iron Man.

The Wolverine. Captain America. This story has been considered a seminal work in the comic book industry and remains popular to this day.

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What is the story entitled? Batman: The Long Halloween. Batman: Hush. Batman: Officer Down.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. In , Marvel Comics published a twelve issue mini series in which many of the heroes and villains of their universe were transported by an entity called "The Beyonder" to a distant planet. The foes were forced to do battle for the entities amusement. What was this storyline called?


The Age of Apoclaypse. Punisher War Zone. The Dark Phoenix Saga.

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Secret Wars. In all comics, Batman arguably has the best rogues gallery of villains including The Joker and The Catwoman among others. This nemesis of Bruce Wayne taunts him by always leaving clues as to what his next move will be, preferring to match wits with the detective.

Who is this popular villain? The Riddler. The Scarecrow. The Mad Hatter. Hugo Strange. In the Marvel Universe it is your friendly neighborhood Spiderman who boasts an incredible rogues gallery. Who is this foe? The Rhino. The Vulture.

Comic book hero trivia for kids

Doctor Octopus. Dick Grayson. Jason Todd. Damian Wayne. Tim Drake.

What is the real name of the Marvel villain known as The Kingpin? Wilson Fisk. Cain Marko. Victor Creed.

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Flint Marko. How did the X Men villain Juggernaut discover his abilities? He was born with them.

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He read an inscription in a ruby. He was eletrocuted.

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He was exposed to radiation. What occurred to former Marine Frank Castle that made him dedicate his life to fighting crime as "The Punisher"? His brother was killed in a hit and run. His wife and kids were murdered by the Mafia. His sister became a prosititute. His parents were killed by terrorists. Abin Sur.

21) What is the best-selling comic book of all time?

Tomar- Re. Which of the following is not a recurring nemesis of Batman? Harvey Dent. Oswald Cobblepot. Solomon Grundy. Jonathan Crane.