Dark Hunter Book 18 The Odyssey

Dark hunter book 18 the odyssey

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The Odyssey Summary

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Dark hunter book 18 the odyssey

Korey wishes upon a single star in the night, wishing to be reunited with his loved one. His previous searches yielded no results, so he hopes that all the friends he made along the way may have had some clue to where she might have been in the time Korey was gone. He had to hope that they had found some means of getting his old guild to reach him Seeking to bring glory to his family's name, Jaune Dumont and his brother Aspen journey to Etria in order to conquer the legendary Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

However, as the young adventurers make their descent, they begin to uncover dark secrets surrounding the Labyrinth as well as their own guildmates. The past cannot stay hidden for long One of the creatures was 'Protector' and he made his way to meet his former affiliate. Flying city of Maginia.

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The mysterious island called Lemuria. Explorers far and wide gather to Maginia to join in the expedition leading to Lemuria. Some explorers, however, are specifically sought out and asked to join.

The Odyssey by Homer - Books 17-18 Summary and Analysis

The famous Guardian Guild is just one guild to receive a request. Etria was a town well known for its labyrinth. Dubbed with a rather unimaginative name, the Labyrinth is what most explorers dream of solving, its mysteries and treasures a worthy golden pot of fame. Many has fallen, however, but one day, Remilia the Hexer appears out of nowhere to form a guild that will finally accomplish that.

And yet Having returned from a journey outside Etria, Remilia the Hexer and Rin the Medic of the famed Mortem guild settles down once more into a town of many good memories.

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With a curse epidemic sweeping across Lagaard and the hospital to its breaking point, Lynus' healing skills are needed more than ever. But these curses just might push him to his breaking point…. The Heavenbringer has been defeated, yet the work of the Refulgent Guild doesn't end. While the guild is out, Shirota goes out on a walk and finds herself clinging back to a dim hope, all thanks to a crimson Imperial Short stories involving my characters by the use of prompts from numerous locations.

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Any requests will be placed here as well. No mature stories here I might place them in another book. The life of an explorer is both an exciting one, and a stressful one.

Dark hunter book 18 the odyssey

No one knows more than the Ophelos siblings. When their little sister is found dead in the labyrinth, their goal is to find answers of what really happened. The siblings are thankfully surrounded by people more than willing to help them with their search.

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But the monsters in the labyrinth aren't the only dangerous thing they need to contend with Taro, leader of the Gaila Guild, has attempted many times to save his guildmates from a disastrous defeat. However many times he could avert their fate, it always ended in him defeating what lied on top of Yggdrasil's 5th Stratum. He continues to cling to fate, hoping it would guide him to victory Based on weekly prompts on reddit.

Dark hunter book 18 the odyssey

About the adventures of Guild Stardust. How each member interacts with each other and faces the dangers of the labyrinth. The character list will be updated as I write and post more.

The best of the best book series out there.

Six members of the Guardians find themselves trapped in a strange placed called Darkshire Manor. Why are they there? Who is the one responsible for their capture? Their lives were in one another's hands, but between the struggles and the grief there were laughs to be had, memories to be lived, and secrets kept to the grave. A collection of sidestories for the Bite The Bullet cast. Many of these will be removed scenes from chapters with the occasional alternate universe.

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Catrin loved nothing more than protecting the village's only child. She did her job, and she did it well, even when there was no village to be a child of anymore.

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But it was just that — an accident. The need for revenge could lead to dire consequences — for both Tobyn and Jhon!

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Dark hunter book 18 the odyssey

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Dark hunter book 18 the odyssey