Descargar Gta Iv Lcpdfr Patrolling The Streets

Descargar gta iv lcpdfr patrolling the streets

The Liberty City Police Department is around 40, officers strong, with many different roles, most notably on beat patrol all throughout Liberty City.

Descargar gta iv lcpdfr patrolling the streets

The department is then organized into different divisions. The Aviation Unit of the LCPD formed in has a fleet of several helicopters consisting of Maverick type helicopters which are on constant patrol.

Aviation assistance can be summoned from one of the four stations with aviation facilities.

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The LCPD is otherwise underfunded, unable to afford specialized pursuit vehicles and as a result have to use their regular patrol cars to chase suspects. Added by ZS The LCPD is known for its very aggressive techniques in pursuing crime, most notably, saturating an affected area of high crime rate with dozens of officers and patrol cars.

They take the famous NYPD rationale of having a large police presence ensuring prevention and quick response. In times of emergency they respond appropriately, and pour all available resources into stopping or containing an incident.

Descargar gta iv lcpdfr patrolling the streets

While chasing criminals, the player or occasionally whilst driving, police vehicles hit civilians with their cars. LCPD officers are sometimes seen writing tickets as noticed around Middle Park and in Highway Patrol duties on the various bridges where they await speeders.

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Officers on foot patrol are sometimes seen chasing and apprehending criminals, which after they are caught, a radio car is contacted to take the criminal away for processing. They also appear in the streets if the player dials to summon a police car with two officers inside.

Descargar gta iv lcpdfr patrolling the streets

One officer will check around for any incidents. If a criminal attacks an officer, two officers wield pistols and pursue the criminal and catch the protagonist at gunpoint. If there aren't any criminals around, they will get back inside the vehicle and leave.

Unlike civilians, who report crimes via the telephone, a lengthy process, police sightings are reported immediately.


Further crime, attacking a police officer, and evading arrest will increase the player's wanted level. At two stars, police cars are sent to the area. LCPD officers are authorized to commandeer civilian vehicles to continue chasing a suspect or respond to an emergency, often stating it as "Official Police Business" to the driver as they pull them out of the car.

Police Maverick will occasionally join a 1 or 2 star wanted level when they happen to be within close proximity of the player, but the helicopter is certain to appear only when the player has a 3-star wanted level; the NOOSE's Annihilator takes over from 4 stars onwards. At sea, the LCPD is equipped with Predator boats, which only appear when the player is wanted at any level.

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The boats carry two more officers armed with rifles at the back, opening fire at the player. Police officers carry a range of equipment. As a weapon of defense, a collapsed ASP extendible baton is in place on the officer's utility belts but officers do not utilize the weapon at all.

The standard issue police firearm is the Glock This is used when making arrests, pursuing suspects and self defense. If an officer is disarmed, they will resort to using their fists to defend themselves.

Gta Iv, LCPDFR, Patrolling The Streets!

If an officer is patrolling in a vehicle, and the suspect has a two star wanted level or more, the officer carries an Ithaca 37, 12 Gauge pump shotgun. When the suspect has a five star wanted level or more, officers will attempt to shoot the player with PSG-1 sniper rifles from rooftops, specifically those in Chinatown and The Exchange.

The police also carry personal radios in order to report crimes and call for assistance - they can sometimes be seen talking into them while patrolling, as can Security Guards.

Liberty City Police Department

Depending on the in-game weather, the officers may be wearing different uniforms, such as a raincoat marked "LCPD" and a white hat cover. Officers uniforms are generally navy blue with black buttons. Officers can wear either a long sleeve, short sleeve, or short sleeve with a long sleeve black under shirt. Officers also have the choice of wearing hats, ties and either leather or normal police jackets.

Liberty City Police Department

The officer's tie clips have "LCPD" engraved in the middle. Officers who wear sky blue shirts, as opposed to navy blue shirts, are traffic enforcement officers, as seen by the different badge and patch on the officers with sky blue shirts.

Descargar gta iv lcpdfr patrolling the streets

Despite the fact the game classifies them as traffic enforcement officers, they do not perform the usual duties of traffic enforcement officers, such as issuing citations. Traffic enforcement officers, unlike their real-life counterparts, are armed.

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Alderney Police wear different uniforms than Liberty City police, despite being from the same department. However, their stations bear the LCPD logo, as do their vehicles.

Descargar gta iv lcpdfr patrolling the streets

The website features a secret link at the bottom of the page to the criminal database , which contains profiles for all characters in the game. If the website is interfaced, the player will immediately receive a five star wanted level after leaving the internet cafe or logging off the computer.

In the middle of the logo, two officers are shown with batons dragging a man on the floor.

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