The Witches Book The Grand High Witch Drawings

The witches book the grand high witch drawings

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Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. As one of the most influential and powerful sorceresses on Earth, she leads a secret society of like-minded witches in their never-ending quest to kill and torture children.

In the past, the Grand High Witch faced off against Helga Evesheim Luke's grandmother during the latter's quest to find out more about witches, and even considered her an "old adversary" upon their chance meeting at the hotel in England.

The witches book the grand high witch drawings

During each and every single meeting she ever attended, she would murder one of her own followers simply to keep the other witches focused. This was considered to be her ultimate punishment, and the other witches were terrified of her.

The witches book the grand high witch drawings

The Grand High Witch especially had a plan that would climax in turning all the children of England into mice, to be disposed of either by the witches themselves, or by their unsuspecting parents.

She demonstrates her formula by inviting a boy called Bruno, who had been previously given a chocolate with the formula, as he slowly turns into a mouse. However, the meeting was being eavesdropped by Luke, a boy who was in the hotel with his grandmother Helga, who warned him about witches and is implied to have faced the Grand High Witch before. One of the witches catches the scent of Luke, so the Grand High Witch tracks him down and force-feeds him her formula, turning him into a mouse as well.

He manages to escape and meet with Bruno, the two going after Helga's room, where they plan to stop the witches plan. In the end, the Grand High Witch suffered a somewhat fitting demise when her own magic was used against her and she along with all of her followers, except Susan Irvine whom she banned in the celebration is transformed into a mouse. While the mice-transformed witches run rampant around the hotel and are killed by the staff, the Grand High Witch is killed by the hotel manager Mr.

Grand High Witch

Stringer, who uses a cleaver to slice her in half. One of her favorite ways to dispose of children was to turn them into animals their parents hated, and have the parents kill their own children, thinking they were pests. Her contempt also expands to any witch who dares to question her, even to bring up valid points, and because of this, all other witches live in total fear and submission of her. Her meetings usually involve her killing any disobedient witch, as shown when she burns one witch into nothingness because she complained about their plan.

Luke's grandmother even suggests that the Grand High Witch possibly deliberately kills a witch yearly, just to keep the others on their toes. Although the Grand High Witch does not hate human adults like she does children, she still cares little for them, and she doesn't mind if she accidentally kills them, even if she does not mean or wish for it to happen.

Being a witch, she is considered a separate species from humans and is motivated to hate children, as her well-developed nose makes them smell like dog feces to her. The Grand High Witch is also a complete sadist, as shown when she keeps some frogs on her hotel suite regardless the frogs were either normal or people whom she transformed in the past , letting them to be on her room one last night before throwing them off the window to be devoured by seagulls the next morning.

Despite all these negative traits, the Grand High Witch seems to have some kind of mercy when an idiot witch gives an stupid suggestion, choosing to not incinerate her despite that all other witches believed she would do it like she did with the previous witch. However, it's likely that the Grand High Witch didn't kill her just because either the witch could still be useful for her plans or her incineration energy takes a time to recharge.

Even so, the Grand High Witch appears to be generous at some degree with the eldest British witches, whom she decides to give the ingredients of her formula in gratitude of all her years of servitude after realizing they are too old to obtain them, but once again, it's possible that she only supplies the ingredients to them as long they are still useful to her plans. Being the grand high witch of all the witches in the world, she was a master of magic and witchcraft, and how to utilize it to kill children.

She was very skilled at brewing potions, as shown with her personally crafted formula to transform humans into mice.

The witches book the grand high witch drawings

She also had pyrokinesis, as she could incinerate any witch who disobeyed simply by sending beams of fire from her eyes. The Grand High Witch, along with her witch underlings, also has an enhanced sense of smell, in which she can identify the presence of children.

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A foolish witch without a brain, must sizzle into fire and flame! An idiotic witch like you must roast upon the barbecue!

A witch who dares to say I'm wrong, will not be with us You're doomed forever! Contents [ show ].

The witches book the grand high witch drawings

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The witches book the grand high witch drawings

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