What Is The Oldest Religion Book

What is the oldest religion book

Is the Bible the Oldest Religious Book?

Religious texts are texts related to a religious tradition. They differ from literary texts by being a compilation or discussion of beliefs, mythologies, ritual practices, commandments or laws, ethical conduct, spiritual aspirations and by creating or fostering a religious community. Some religious texts are accepted or categorized as canonical , some non-canonical, and others extracanonical, semi-canonical, deutero-canonical, pre-canonical or post-canonical.

A scripture is a subset of religious texts considered to "especially authoritative", [5] [6] revered and "holy writ", [7] "sacred, canonical", or of "supreme authority, special status" to a religious community.

What is the oldest religion book

Many religious texts, in contrast, are simply narratives or discussions pertaining to the general themes, interpretations, practices, or important figures of the specific religion. In some religions Islam , the scripture of supreme authority is well established Quran. In others Christianity , the canonical texts include a particular text Bible but is "an unsettled question", according to Eugene Nida. In yet others Hinduism , Buddhism , there "has never been a definitive canon".

Religious texts also serve a ceremonial and liturgical role, particularly in relation to sacred time, the liturgical year , the divine efficacy and subsequent holy service; in a more general sense, its performance.

Some religious texts are categorized as canonical, some non-canonical, and others extracanonical, semi-canonical, deutero-canonical, pre-canonical or post-canonical.

It connotes the sense of "measure, standard, norm, rule". In the modern usage, a religious canon refers to a "catalogue of sacred scriptures" that is broadly accepted to "contain and agree with the rule or canon of a particular faith", states Juan Widow.

What is the oldest religion book

These derived terms differentiate a corpus of religious texts from the "canonical" literature. At its root, this differentiation reflects the sects and conflicts that developed and branched off over time, the competitive "acceptance" of a common minimum over time and the "rejection" of interpretations, beliefs, rules or practices by one group of another related socio-religious group.

The early references, such as the Synod of Laodicea mention both the terms "canonical" and "non-canonical" in the context of religious texts.

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One of the oldest known religious texts is the Kesh Temple Hymn of Ancient Sumer , [20] [21] a set of inscribed clay tablets which scholars typically date around BCE. It is one of the oldest known complete religious texts that has survived into the modern age. There are many possible dates given to the first writings which can be connected to Talmudic and Biblical traditions, the earliest of which is found in scribal documentation of the 8th century BCE, [26] followed by administrative documentation from temples of the 5th and 6th centuries BCE, [27] with another common date being the 2nd century BCE.

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High rates of mass production and distribution of religious texts did not begin until the invention of the printing press in , [28] before which all religious texts were hand written copies, of which there were relatively limited quantities in circulation. The following is an in-exhaustive list of links to specific religious texts which may be used for further, more in-depth study.

The Liturgical books. Many denominations each have their own Worship or Service Books within their Church. These books may also considered religious texts. There are thousands of books written about the biography of Prophet Muhammad. Mentioning all of them are very difficult. So, some of the most authentic and famous Books on biography of Muhammad will mention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Texts which religious traditions consider to be central to their practice or beliefs.

For the web site, see Internet Sacred Text Archive.

8 Oldest Religions in the World

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Hinduism (founded around the 15th – 5th century BCE)

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Timeline of religion

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Top 10 oldest religions of the world

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Madrid Codex

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What is the oldest religion book

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What is the Oldest Religion in the World?

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The 8 Oldest Religions in the World

Secularism and irreligion. Overviews and lists. Category Portal. History of religions. Timeline of religion List of religions and spiritual traditions. Baha'i Christianity Islam Judaism Rastafarianism.

The World's Oldest Religion

Aztec Mayan Inca. Confucianism Taoism Shinto.

What is the oldest religion book

Buddhism Hinduism Jainism Sikhism. Mithraism Zoroastrianism Manichaeanism. Egyptian Semitic Mesopotamian. Religious texts.

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