12mhz Crystal Oscillator Pdf Merge

12mhz crystal oscillator pdf merge

SYS: driver download code according to the invention; EasyDisk.

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SYS to the driver of the present invention; 2 PNP driver receives the message, will enter the PNP processing routine; 3 first checks whether the current driving the drive management apparatus of the present invention is greater than 64; 4 is returned if it exceeds 64 exceeds the maximum number of device error, otherwise go to the next step; 5 is less than 64, then to create a new device, a device name "EZDSK-X", X denotes the current instance number, for example, a first device name " EZDSK-0 ", subsequent access a plurality of devices are sequentially designated as" EZDSl-1 "," EZDSK-2 "and the like; 6 if the device is successfully created, then call the IoCreateSymbolicLink function to create the link, i.

SYS Pc host operating system function by the IoCallDriver call, sends an initialization command to the present invention. SYS the present invention is to create a virtual storage device driver, enabling a user to operate the computer as a local hard disk of the present invention is the same as the operation.

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Effective date : A large coapacity mobile storage for universal serival bus interface is composed of two units, one mobile storage inserted board constituted by the hard ware circuit and control software embedded in the terminal of PC host and the driver program in the terminal of PC host, the mobile storage inserted board contains the microprocessor CPU and two flash memorys, one spare EEPROM memory connected with the CPU, power source, crystal vibrator and USB inter face connected with PC host.

The present invention has high transmission speed and access speed of USB interface. A method as claimed in claim 1 implemented removable memory claims, wherein said state machine implemented method comprising: 1 the definition states: 1 an idle state Idle , CPU no tasks execution; 2 Check status Quest , CPU of the PC command in response to the query;.

The method according to claim 2, wherein said method uses token mutual exclusion mechanisms, includes the following steps: 1 PC server program required an operation such as read, write, wipe etc. A method as claimed in claim 1 implemented removable memory claims, characterized in that said automatic downloads implemented method, comprising the steps of: 1 said memory card when connected to the USB bus , PC host sends the Get command description, claims the USB device returns the device number, vendor number; 2 the memory card is first initialized back into production equipment vendor ID, a product ID; 3 PC memory card host acquires the present after the initial device ID, the operating system looks in the host PC USB device driver corresponding to the ID repository device drivers, and loading;.

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Flexible processor-driven SCSI controller with buffer memory and local processor memory coupled via separate buses. USB1 en.

12mhz crystal oscillator pdf merge

Single-chip USB controller reading power-on boot code from integrated flash memory for user storage. TWIB en. An apparatus and method for high performance volatile disk drive memory access using an integrated DMA engine. Data transmission controller that restarts data transmission when reconstruction is completed.

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Communications interface adapter for a computer system including posting of system interrupt status. USA1 en. DEB4 en.

12mhz crystal oscillator pdf merge

Dual-mode flash storage exchanger that transfers flash-card data to a removable USB flash key-drive with or without a PC host. JPB2 en.

12mhz crystal oscillator pdf merge

JPA en.