8080 Microprocessor Architecture Pdf Books

8080 microprocessor architecture pdf books

8080 Microprocessor’s Architecture

The microprocessor was designed by Masatoshi Shima and Federico Faggin; Stan Mazor contributed for designing a chip. In the year , the work on microprocessor was in progress and the CPU was released in April The original version of had a fault that it could drive low-power TTL devices only.

Similar to the microprocessor, the CPU has same interrupt processing logic. The microprocessor was very trendy, and it was second sourced by many companies.

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Nowadays different types of microprocessors available which are advancement to this processor. It is a programmable device that accepts the digital data as input, processes according to the commands stored in its memory and gives results as output.

8080 microprocessor architecture pdf books

The history of the microprocessor from a technical point of view, focusing on different corporations and competitors of microprocessor involves various stages of embedded microprocessor design. An microprocessor is an 8-bit parallel CPU, and this microprocessor is used in general purpose digital computer systems. The microprocessor consists of 40 pins and it microprocessor transfers internal information and data through an 8- bit, bidirectional 3-state data bus D0-D7. The peripheral device addresses and memory addresses are transmitted over a bit 3-state address bus A0-A The functional blocks of the microprocessor is shown in the above architecture, and its CPU consists of the following functional units:.

Microprocessor Architecture programming and application with 8085 - 8080A

Arithmetic, logical and rotate operations are performed in the ALU. The result of the process can be transmitted to the accumulator; similarly, the ALU also feeds the flag register.

8080 microprocessor architecture pdf books

The TMP register gets information from the internal bus, and then sends the data to the ALU and also to the flag register. The accumulator can be loaded from the internal bus, and the ALU and it transfers data to the temporary accumulator.

The inside of the auxiliary carry flip flop and accumulator are tested for decimal correction by executing a Decimal Adjust for Addition instruction.

The microprocessor instruction set includes five different categories of instructions:. The memory of microprocessor is organized into 8-bit quantities, called bytes.

8080A DIY Microcomputer

Each byte has an exclusive bit binary address related to its sequential position in the memory. The may also consist of ROM read only memory elements and RAM random access memory elements, and the microprocessor can directly address up to 65, bytes of memory.

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Data in microprocessor is stored in the form of 8-bit binary digits. When a register includes a binary number, it is essential to find the order in which bits of the number are written.

8080 microprocessor architecture pdf books

The microprocessor program instructions may be one byte, two or three bytes in length. Different byte instructions have to store in successive memory locations.

8080 Microprocessor

The address of the first byte is always used as the address of the instructions. The correct instruction format depends on the particular operation to be executed.

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The total addressable memory of the microprocessor is 64KB, and the stack program and data memories occupy the same memory space. Flag is an 8-bit register having five 1-bit flags.

There are five types of flags associated with the implementation of instructions on the microprocessor They are sign, zero, parity, carry and auxiliary carry, and these flags are represented by a 1-bit register in the CPU.

A flag is set by forcing the bit to 1, and reset by forcing the bit to 0.

8080 microprocessor architecture pdf books

The processor maintains maskable interrupts. When an interrupt arises, the processor fetches one instruction from the bus; frequently one of these instructions:.

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The original version of the microprocessor had a fault. This is about the microprocessor, and its architecture. Based on the information given here in this article, the readers are encouraged to post their suggestions, feedbacks and comments in the comment section given below. Introduction to Microprocessor and its Architecture Electronics.

Introduction to 8080 Microprocessor and its Architecture

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