Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf Pdf To Jpg

Abdur rahman ibn awf pdf to jpg

Abdur Rahman bin Awf died was one of the sahaba.

Abdur rahman ibn awf pdf to jpg

He was one of the first eight people to accept Islam. He was one of the ten people al-asharatu-l mubashshirin who were assured of entering Paradise. He was one of the six people chosen by Umar to form the council of shura to choose the Khalifah after his death.

His name in Jahiliyyah days was Abu Amr. Abd al-Rahman was friends with Umayyah ibn Khalaf , a stern opponent of Islam.

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When Abd al-Rahman emigrated to Medina, the two formed a written agreement, according to which Abd-al-Rahman was to protect Umayah's property and family in Medina, while Umayyah would protect Abd-al-Rahman's in Mecca. The two met again in the Battle of Badr :.

Abdur rahman ibn awf pdf to jpg

One day, a loud rumbling sound was heard coming from beyond the boundaries of the door normally a calm and peaceful city. The rumbling sound gradually increased in volume.

AbdurRahman ibn Awf - Mufti Menk

In addition, clouds of dust and sand were stirred up and blown in the ind. The peo ple of Madinah soon realized that a mighty caravan was entering the city. They stood in amazement as seven hundred camels laden with goods moved into the city and crowded the streets.

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There was much shseven hundred camels. Some friends of his related to Abdur-Rahman the hadith which Aishah had mentioned.

Abdur rahman ibn awf pdf to jpg

He remembered that he had heard the hadith more than have never forgotten," he is also reported to have said. He was so over-joyed and added: "If I could I would certainly like to enter Paradise standing.


I swear to you, yaa Ammah, that this entire caravan with all its merchandise, I will giver sabilillah. In a great festival of charity and righteousness, he distributed all that the massive caravan had brought to the people of Madinah and surrounding areas.

This is just one incident which showed what type of man Abdur-Rahman was.

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He earned much wealth but he never remained attached to it for its own sake and he did not allow it to corrupt him. Abdur-setting out in the path of God and one thousand five hundred camels to another group of mujahidin, four hundred dinars of gold to the survivors of Badr and a large legacy to the Ummahaat al Muminin and the catalogue goes on.

Abdur rahman ibn awf pdf to jpg

See Hadith of the succession to Abu Bakr. In , the dying Umar nominated a board of six members who were required to elect one of themselves as the next caliph.

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Uthman was chosen as the third caliph. Sunnis regard him as one of The Ten Promised Paradise.

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