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This command generates installation rules for a project. Rules specified by calls to this command within a source directory are executed in order during installation.

The order across directories is not defined. There are multiple signatures for this command. Some of them define installation options for files and targets.

Options common to multiple signatures are covered here but they are valid only for signatures that specify them. The common options are:. Command signatures that install files may print messages during installation.

If none is given the installation properties apply to all target types. If only one is given then only targets of that type will be installed which can be used to install just a DLL or just an import library.

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Rules defined by these arguments are ignored on Apple platforms because the associated files are installed into the appropriate locations inside the framework folder.

On some platforms a versioned shared library has a symbolic link such as:. When neither option is given both portions are installed.

This is independent of the rest of the argument groups and does not actually install anything. A target may be installed more than once to different locations.

The code:. See the cmake-generator-expressions 7 manual for available expressions. File names given as relative paths are interpreted with respect to the current source directory.

This form is intended to install programs that are not targets, such as shell scripts. The list of files However, if any item begins in a generator expression it must evaluate to a full path.

The directory structure is copied verbatim to the destination. The last component of each directory name is appended to the destination directory but a trailing slash may be used to avoid this because it leaves the last component empty.

Directory names given as relative paths are interpreted with respect to the current source directory. If no input directory names are given the destination directory will be created but nothing will be installed into it.

They may be used to apply certain options see below to a subset of the files and directories encountered. The full path to each input file or directory with forward slashes is matched against the expression. A PATTERN will match only complete file names: the portion of the full path matching the pattern must occur at the end of the file name and be preceded by a slash.

By default all files and directories are installed whether or not they are matched. For example, the code. For example the code.

The icons will get default file permissions, the scripts will be given specific permissions, and any CVS directories will be excluded. The list of dirs If the script file name is a relative path it will be interpreted with respect to the current source directory. Code is specified as a single argument inside a double-quoted string.

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The value given to the FILE option must be a file name with the. Additionally, the generated import file will reference only the matching target configurations.

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If a library target is included in the export but a target to which it links is not included the behavior is unspecified. This documents an old version of CMake.

Click here to see the latest release. If a full path with a leading slash or drive letter is given it is used directly. Permissions that do not make sense on certain platforms are ignored on those platforms. During component-specific installation only install rules associated with the given component name will be executed. During a full installation all components are installed.

Renaming is allowed only when a single file is installed by the command. Quick search. Created using Sphinx 1.