Al Muhaddithat Akram Nadwi Pdf To Excel

Al muhaddithat akram nadwi pdf to excel

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Defining feminism can be a very difficult task. The conflicting views within the movement often lead to confusion and as a consequence, many feel it does not provide any clear direction for positive change.

Is there such a thing as Islamic Feminism?

Although this may seem to have an element of truth, there does seem to be an unwavering underlying creed that drives feminism and this is the idea of gender equality. This sort of outlook does not take into consideration the physical and physiological differences between the sexes.

Al muhaddithat akram nadwi pdf to excel

Feminists believe that men and women are equal and as a consequence, women should have the right to undertake the same societal role as men. This has created a phenomenon of competition between women and men where previously there was understanding and compatibility.

Al-Muhaddithat - The Female Scholars of Islam - Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi - Cambridge Islamic College

Unfortunately, this has come at a cost. Where marriage was once an unshakeable union between a man and a woman, the changing roles of both men and women have challenged expectations on marriages and have led to uncertain and unrealistic divisions of labour within families. The pressure to conform to these feminist ideals has taken its toll on the relationships of many married couples and it has been identified as one of the prominent causative factors for the high percentages of divorce.

Some proponents of radical feminism have gone even further, demonstrating a hostile attitude towards the institutions of marriage and family and view divorce as liberation from an oppressive institution rather than a break-up of a sacred trust [1].

Muslim-Christian Dialogue and Apologetics

In an interview with The Guardian, she said:. I still believe some kind of stable family structure is vital and that is what most people want around them.

Al muhaddithat akram nadwi pdf to excel

The Left had to recognise that some of the biggest public health issues stem from family breakdown. There is also a theory that blames feminists for the sexual objectification of women. Instead of seeking to emulate domestic-oriented women, presenting themselves as future virtuous wives and mothers, little girls seek to emulate Paris Hilton.

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Feminists have taught girls and women that chastity is oppressive, that they should liberate themselves. This teaches boys that it is acceptable to objectify women. Women, thanks to feminists, want to be attractive. That is nothing new.

Journal of Muslim Women Scholars

So what about Islamic feminism? Is there a difference? The term first made its appearance in the s. They adopt the same baseline as secular feminists, that men and women are literally equal and should be treated the same.

Torchbearers of knowledge in Islam

They both promote new forms of interpretation that are foreign to the tradition. This idea that Islamic law has not changed since medieval times is apocryphal. Such a method is disingenuous since it is easy to shape the discourse to suit the agenda [9]. When Muslim feminists utilise un-Islamic means of promoting their cause, they merely sideline themselves even more in the Islamic community, rather than bringing about change.

Al muhaddithat akram nadwi pdf to excel

This can be dangerous as it can inadvertently exacerbate cultural issues pervading Islamic practices, where men become suppressive of their female counterparts. It often causes greater harm to the safeguarding and liberation of those women who are at greater risk of domestic abuse [10].

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Rather, it is bringing to light credible obstacles to such an action and not its moral blame. But after the Muslim archers disobeyed their orders and began deserting their high ground believing victory was at hand, the tide of the battle changed, and it appeared that defeat was imminent. When this occurred, Nusaybah entered the battle, carrying a sword and shield. Islamic history also exemplifies the knowledge of notable female scholars.

Some of the most renowned scholars among men have depended on, and praised, the scholarship of their female teachers.

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The women scholars performed considerable scholarly service whilst fulfilling their roles of wives and mothers at the same time [12]. Islamic traditional thinking of gender construct is timeless and is therefore sufficient for modern times.

Al muhaddithat akram nadwi pdf to excel

Gender construct may not be a dichotomy; rather, feminism has changed into a tool for attaining power. Islamically, gender differences are acknowledged and then harmonised to form the perfect balance.

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Most feminists have removed the traditional Islamic rhetoric and replaced it with secular ideologies, and therefore transgressed their boundaries — they want to be identical to men. It is because of these differences that men and women complement each other and excel within different roles.

Ghulam Esposito Haydar. Friday, January 17, The Foundation.

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