Berlin Festival Line Up Pdf To Excel

Berlin festival line up pdf to excel

How many of you can agree that finding the right film festivals to submit your films to is a chore?

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Well -- you are in luck. I'm sure we have all been waiting for a film festival compendium that was at least a little bit intuitive and a lot bit comprehensive, and this little gem might be it.

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We got the tip-off about the Film Festivals Timeline from Twitter user Armack , and after playing around with the database a little, I was not only impressed, but relieved. The Film Festivals Timeline lists tons of festivals along the side of the timeline, which link to each one's website.


Usually, I'd let my criticism flow like a harpoon daily and nightly , but this database is a sight for sore eyes. Hopefully the list gets regular updates so filmmakers can enjoy the splendor of not having to spend hours combing the internet for the right festival for their film. What do you think of the Film Festivals Timeline?

Berlin festival line up pdf to excel

After looking through the database, did you find any film festivals that were not yet listed? Pretty great list but how is it missing the deadlines for Sundance early submission was July 28, regular is at the end of August and late is at the end of September and have no listing for Tribeca and SXSW?

Berlin festival line up pdf to excel

Don't forget about the Little Rock film festival, which Paste Magazine named one of the best "fests in the country. The Little Rock fest looks cool, but they haven't updated their submission page for the website, and still say submissions open.

Berlin festival line up pdf to excel

WAB shows it closed for the season. Would be nice if they kept up appearances better. Links to outside resources like this - not to mention your own content - it's all so helpful! Nothing else on the web like it that I've found.


Even it sounds somewhat odd, I am working for FilmFestivalLife - a comprehensive database with over festivals.

We made FilmFestivalLife because we felt like there was something missing and we want to have the most relevant festivals all in one place, so filmmakers can explore and discover the film festival circuit in an easy, user-friendly way.

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I tried it in Chrome, Safari, and Opera on Mac, and nothing.

Berlin festival line up pdf to excel

I see the timeline, with fests down the left side and months across the top, but zero data in the actual graph. Hope it's a simple fix on my end or theirs cuz it's a great idea. Skip to main content. No Film School.

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August 6, There's an iFilmfest App for That. Leave this field blank. So why didn't Withoutabox do this a long time ago?

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Oh yeah, because they're f--king useless. Reply Share Share this answer:.

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Bill Streeter. So glad this exists. Brooks Reynolds.

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My country The Netherlands is such a big name in festival land We're even listed twice! Marcel Heemskerk. Rob Ijpelaar. GY Haney. It is best for the teen and one or two parents to begin this exercise.

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Pandu Aji Wirawan Larz Ditto under windows What up? Same for me.

Berlin festival line up pdf to excel

Anyone managed to view the timeline successfully recently? Marc Adamson Director, matte painter, concept artist.

Berlin festival line up pdf to excel