Catalysis Without Precious Metals Pdf

Catalysis without precious metals pdf

Highly recommended. This is a fast moving area of research and for some reactions even better results have been produced in the last one or two years.

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This does by no means detracts from the value of this monograph, but indicates that the future of the field might look even brighter. Also, the book goes on to highlight the remaining chemical challenges and areas in need of further study".

Catalysis without precious metals pdf

Fuel Cell Works, 21 December Morris Bullock of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory summarizes the progress and challenges of designing catalysts from less expensive, more abundant metals. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

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Catalysis without precious metals pdf

Catalysis without Precious Metals Editor s : Dr. Morris Bullock.

Catalysis without Precious Metals

First published: 27 August About this book Written for chemists in industry and academia, this ready reference and handbook summarizes recent progress in the development of new catalysts that do not require precious metals. The research thus presented points the way to how new catalysts may ultimately supplant the use of precious metals in some types of reactions, while highlighting the remaining challenges.

Chemistry World, 1 May "The page hardcover book summarizes recent progress in the field, pointing to how new catalysts may ultimately supplant precious metals in some types of reactions.

Catalysis without precious metals pdf

Bullock's research interests focus on reactivity of metal hydrides, including proton transfer, hydride transfer, and hydrogen atom transfer reactions, and on the development of molecular catalysts for the oxidation of hydrogen and production of hydrogen. Export Citation s. Export Citation.

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Catalysis without precious metals pdf

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