Church Growth Principles Pdf To Excel

Church growth principles pdf to excel

CHURCH GROWTH: The Ultimate Calculator [STEP-BY-STEP]

The church does not exist in and for itself. It is the vehicle to lead and manage the people of God through discipleship, evangelism, missions, spiritual growth, and other programs all pointed to His glory and worship.

Church growth principles pdf to excel

The quintessential reason for the church to exist is to worship God. Worship is not just to be done during the Worship Service, but is to be a lifestyle.

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Curriculum's for pastors, lay ministers, elders and church leaders to guide them in the process of developing a leadership plan and how to implement it. Preparing the Pastor and Church Leadership to Grow! This Primer will direct you through the basics of how to prepare your church for growth, and to be your best for His glory. You may use this personally, to train your leaders, or use with your people to reveal Biblical precepts and ideas on how to run your church effectively.

1. Begin with the end in mind and know how large you want to be.

Questions to Determine Your Church's Health. Here is a tool to help you assess your church's health.

Church growth principles pdf to excel

For each question, have your congregation and leaders be open and honest and be in prayer. Consider giving copies to the leaders first, then to the rest of the church.

How to Determine the Needs of the Church.

Church growth principles pdf to excel

This is where you do an honest assessment of what is needed in your church, whether it is spiritual growth, programs, facility improvements, leadership training, discipleship, or teaching…. How to Determine the Needs Of the Community. What do you think God placed your church in this neighborhood to do? Now, brainstorm what needs are evident and how you can meet them!

Determine the type of programs that can meet those needs.

8 Principles for Churches That Want to Grow

How to Determine the Purpose of Your Church. The purpose of the church is God's purpose, not personal whims, or desires!

Church growth principles pdf to excel

That purpose will be revealed solely through Scripture and prayer. The core of your purpose will be what Christ has called all churches to as found in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in Matt ; !

See a Problem?

Your Purpose Statement, sometimes called a Mission Statement will encompass all of the precepts we talked about, arranged in a logical and systematic order. Remember, God is the One who guides us, and this Purpose Statement is the mechanism of communication to convey His call to you and the rest of the church.

How to Develop and Cast your Vision. A vision is the comprehensive statement that tells the leaders of the organization what direction they should move, and what they should accomplish so they can motivate the people under them.

Characteristics of Growing Churches

The church should be and strive toward a preferred future, not just to a dream! How to Go From Purpose to Practice. Keep the Biblical principals in mind and never replace what we think we need over what He calls us to do! This step clarifies the steps taken to this point, and suggests strategies on how they can be implemented.

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Pastors and Elders can do this once a year to make sure you are still on the right track. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love The Church Growth movement has made major contributions to the Church over the years. It has also given us some major problems!

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Some church growth thinking that has done the opposite to the church. This thinking has caused churches to Church Diseases!

Church growth principles pdf to excel

A Healthy church needs to develop an immune system to resist disease; else the church will get sick and perhaps even die. We do not mean the diseases of viruses, such as whooping cough, but ones that are even more destructive to our soul and future in eternity! It is much more sensible in our physical health to eat right, reduce stress, and exercise to prevent illness and live a longer, better quality life.

What Stops a Church From Growing?

If we do not, we get sick and miss one too many sick days and are fired from work, or get that one disease that may Site Map. Open Menu. Church Growth The goal is to find the heart of the church, what has God called us to do and why! This includes the focus of our purpose and direction, things to avoid, and methods to make it work.

This Primer is not necessarily about numerical church growth, but growth in the faith, and growth in Christ, leading to the prime directive for church, which is to worship Christ! When a church becomes strong in the disciplines of the faith and is contagious with Christ, then people will be attracted to that church.

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The result will be real growth and glory to our Lord. Your church, call and profession might need a review to get back on God's track. Growing a church is Biblical, and an imperative from our Lord. However, we also need to discover what it means to "grow a church.