Corliss Lamont Pdf To Word

Corliss lamont pdf to word

He fought and won battles over civil rights and added his voice to the Humanist consensus.

Corliss lamont pdf to word

Lamont served as director of the American Civil Liberties Union from to Lamont was a fighter for rights and he asked us all to do the same:. It was Humanism that Corliss Lamont should also be known for.

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He joined the American Humanist Association in To define twentieth-century humanism briefly, I would say that it is a philosophy of joyous service for the greater good of all humanity in this natural world and advocating the methods of reason, science, and democracy. While this statement has many profound implications, it is not difficult to grasp. Humanism in general is not a way of thinking merely for professional philosophers, but is also a credo for average men and women seeking to lead happy and useful lives.

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The greatest difference between the Humanist ethic and that of Christianity and the traditional religions is that it is entirely based on happiness in this one and only life and not concerned with a realm of supernatural immortality and the glory of God. Humanism denies the philosophical and psychological dualism of soul and body and contends that a human being is a oneness of mind, personality, and physical organism.

Corliss lamont pdf to word

Christian insistence on the resurrection of the body and personal immortality has often cut the nerve of effective action here and now, and has led to the neglect of present human welfare and happiness. Thus, Monsignor William T.

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I find the list useful for people wanting to know what Humanism is about. Nhat Tien Lu liked this on Facebook.

Corliss lamont pdf to word

Nhat-Tien Lu liked this on Facebook. About iHumanism.