Cpe Wan Management Protocol Pdf Merge

Cpe wan management protocol pdf merge

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Specification Data Models. These data models contain objects and parameters that describe the many different functions and capabilities available to devices and services that are manageable via CWMP.

Cpe wan management protocol pdf merge

Service data models describe modular functionality that allow the extension of the root data model on a device under Device. Each data model is defined by a Name:Version syntax.

Version 2 of the Device root data model Device:2 deprecates InternetGatewayDevice and Device:1 in favor of a single root data model. A ZIP file containing all the latest data models can be downloaded from here.

Cpe wan management protocol pdf merge

TR Issue 2 Amendment TR Issue 2. TR Amendment 1.

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TR Amendment 3. TR Issue 2 Amendment 8.

The industry standard CPE WAN Management Protocol defined by the Broadband Forum.

TR Issue 2 Amendment 7. TR Issue 2 Amendment 6.

Cpe wan management protocol pdf merge

TR Issue 2 Amendment 5. Added G.

Cpe wan management protocol pdf merge

TR Issue 2 Amendment 2. SSID object. TR Amendment 2.

TR-069 device management

TR Corrigendum 1. Corrected range of FAPService.

CPE WAN Management Protocol - Broadband Forum

TR Amendment TR Amendment 5. Addition of Location , FaultManagement and Security components. Nov Original Mar Corrigendum 1 Changed to use new global bibliography, plus a few editorial changes May Corrigendum 2 Incorporated editorial changes from tr TR Amendment 4.

Supported implementation defaults, version attribute, description templates, writeOnceReadOnly access type and the decimal datatype.

TR Amendment 8. TR Amendment 7.

What is CWMP?

TR Amendment 6. Distinguished functional and non-functional keys; supported.

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A relative path syntax. Data Model Bibliographic References. Added references from versioned files grouped by category and sorted within category Updated references for convention that "TR-nnn" means the latest Amendment and Corrigendum Added references in support of Device