Delay Element Method Of Hard Wired Control Unit Pdf

Delay element method of hard wired control unit pdf

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Delay element method of hard wired control unit pdf

All rights reserved. Table of Contents. Amana Ptac Maintenance Manual 4 pages. Single package heat pump heating and cooling unit 8 pages.

Delay element method of hard wired control unit pdf

Amana owners manual electric heat pump package heat pump 20 pages. RSr11 Goodman does not assume any responsibility for property damage or personal injury September due to improper service procedures or services performed by an unqualified person. It is possible, however, that during its lifetime a product may require service. To locate an authorized servicer, please consult your telephone book or the dealer from whom you purchased this product.

Page 11 3. Page 12 Use a voltmeter, check the voltage at the outlet.

Delay element method of hard wired control unit pdf

The reading must be within the minimums and maximums shown below for the operating voltage. Do not use the wall sleeve as a lintel.

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See Framing with Lintel Figure for a typical lintel construction. The wall sleeve must be installed before the air conditioner or heat pump chassis can be set in place. Page 16 Refer to the the wall sleeve.

Installation Instructions supplied with the outdoor grille kit for a complete description of the installation procedure. Secure the chassis to the wall sleeve using three screws on each side of the chassis to ensure a proper seal be- tween the chassis and the wall sleeve. The screws are supplied in a plastic bag which is attached to the power cord. All volt units must be hard wired using the hard wire kit or make use of the plug-in receptacle in the standard subbase.

Amana PTAC Service Instructions Manual

Heaterless Units If a heaterless unit is ordered, field provisions must be made for supplemental heat if desired. Additional Control Inputs The control inputs provide additional unit control and fea- tures. To access these control inputs, the cabinet front must be removed see Front Removal. Remove the cabinet front see Front Removal.

Remove the shipping screw if installed from the vent door.

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Page 23 PTAC. Gently push the connec- 4. If you can easily slide a business card between the magnet and the DD01E or DD01F sensor, unit is properly placed vertically. See following Wired Addi- See Construction style 4.

The PTAC control can be set for a 4-digit room num- ber. To select the first two digits floor , press the appears in the display.


For the bedroom unit closest to the main room in room Page 29 2. If does ber. Since is the defaults. Contact your PTAC representative to determine factory default settings. Press either the up or down arrow press the HEAT key until comes up.

Press to the desired third unoccupied setback time. To exit configuration mode: second unoccupied setback temperature.

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The display will then alternate between C1 and 0. The control can be configured to operate a wide range of options. Page Maintenance To properly maintain the operational performance of your 3. Slide the chassis out of the wall sleeve far enough so PTAC unit, it is extremely important that the inlet air filter that the vent screen is accessible. Tilt the non-compressor side of the unit up no higher or deterioration of the aluminum fin or coil material and is than 45 degrees and allow water to drain out the other not recommended.

When the unit is in conditioning mode for sure that the intake air and discharge air paths have not example high or low heat or cool, the fan will run continu- become blocked or restricted.

This sensor re- utes and the Indoor Coil Thermistor is below 30 de- places the Indoor Ambient Thermistor and will connect grees the compressor is disengaged until the ICT rises Oxygen from moisture plus normal compressor and motor heat reacts chemically with the refrigerant and oil to form corrosive hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

Evacuate the system to at least 29 inches gauge before is used with fluoride base flux on copper to steel, brass to opening valve to thermocouple vacuum gauge.

The Basics of Control Relays

Since the value is within the listed cooling range 8 - charts. The room temperature No Action required. Open front desk switch to allow occupant unit Front Desk switch is closed.

Pull heater assembly up and out of the chassis. Disconnect floodback protector. Remove the access panel on the evaporator assem- bly. With power off to the unit and heater, remove the Figure A heaters in question and visually inspect the element 8. Discharge capacitor and remove wire leads.

Microprogrammed Control Unit

Lift up on the right side of the fan motor assembly to release the housing. Figure D Slide the assembly to the right as you are looking at it, 8.

Delay element method of hard wired control unit pdf

Remove the motor leads from their respective con- nection points and capacitor if applicable. With no power and compressor leads removed: Set an ohmmeter on its highest scale. Touch one lead to 2. Check the continuity between each of the motor leads.

Carefully apply line voltage. Remove the two screws securing the front. Not all in- stallations have the screws.

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Then remove the front. If the compressor starts and continues run, the cause this by pulling the bottom corners out and lifting up. Clean the end of the capillary tube and insert into the If the valve fails to change its position, test the voltage tube, it may be necessary to crimp tubing around the V.

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Lift the cabinet front off the chassis. Reverse this pro- cedure to reinstall the cabinet front.

Delay element method of hard wired control unit pdf

Grasp the cabinet front as shown. Disconnect power to the unit.

Delay element method of hard wired control unit pdf

Remove the front cover. Page 61 7. Remove the floodback protector or thermistor from the Right Side evaporator discharge tube. Of Unit Control Panel 9. Remove screws holding evaporator to basepan and par- tition panel.

Programmable logic controller

After recapturing the refrigerant charge see Refrig- eration Service section , debraze the tubes into the evaporator. Always refer to the wiring diagram on the unit for the most up-to-date wiring. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 74 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR.

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Hardwired Control Unit Part 2 - Delay Elemnt Method

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