Ek Mukhi Hanuman Kavach Pdf Creator

Ek mukhi hanuman kavach pdf creator

Ek mukhi hanuman kavach pdf creator

Ganga, or the Ganges, the holy river of the Hindus, has its source at Gangotri in the Himalayas from where it flows for a distance of 2, km. Ganga is a major river of the Indian subcontinent, associated in myth and reality with the land and people of India as well as neighboring countries like Bangladesh.

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In the move to Aryanism the Ganga basin, when the Vedic people shifted focus from the Indus to the Ganga, a myth evolved that Ganga would take on all the sins of the world. Thereafter, people have religiously bathed in her waters to cleanse themselves of sin. The holy sight of Ganges gives knowledge, splendors, name, fame etc. There are many versions of stories regarding the origin of Ganges.


The river Ganga is said to have originated when Lord Brahma one of the Supreme forms of divinity washed the feet of Lord Vishnu in His incarnation as Vaamana — the dwarf Brahmin.

When He Lord Vishnu, as Vaamana measured the world in three steps, the nails on His left foot caused a pore on the upper side of the universe from where Ganga fell down into heaven. The deities abducted her and took her to heaven.

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When Menaka did not find her in the house, she cursed Ganga to attain the form of water. Dhruvah, the pole star, received her in her descent and sustained her day and night on his head, while the seven Rishis the Pleiades performed their ablutions in her waters because the Pleiades revolve around the Pole Star. Thereafter, having issued from the Moon, she alit upon Mount Meru, and then flowed in four branches to the four corners of the Earth for the sake of its purification.

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The southern branch, Alakananda, was held affectionately by Lord Shiva on His head for one hundred divine years and then was released from His matted locks. Hence Lord Shiva is depicted in Indian iconography with a crescent Moon on his head, from where a shoot of water springs forth. Thereafter, the southern branch of Ganga journeyed through India and divided itself into seven rivers which flow into the southern ocean.

Hence Alakananda is known as the most sacred river of the four branches. This ceremony consisted in sending a horse round the Indian world, with defiance to all the earth to arrest its progress. If the horse returned unopposed, it was understood to be acquiescence in the supremacy of the king, and the horse was then solemnly sacrificed to the gods. When King Sagar made preparations for the th sacrifice, Indra, King of Heaven, who had himself performed the ceremony a times, jealous of being displaced by this new rival, stole the horse, and concealed it in a subterranean cell, where the sage Kapila, or Kapila Muni, was absorbed in meditation, dead to all occurrences of the external world.

The sixty thousand sons of Sagar traced the horse to its hiding place, and believing the sage to be the author of the theft assaulted him.

Ganga – The Holy River of Hindus

The holy man being thus roused opened his eyes and cursed the assailants, who were immediately burnt to ashes and sentenced to hell. Sagar heard of this fate through Narada devotee of Lord Narayana , the heavenly wonderer, and sent the grandson Ansuman to undo the harm.

He granted that the souls of the sons of Sagar may be released by the waters of Ganga, then resident in heaven.

Ek mukhi hanuman kavach pdf creator

Despite much austerity and prayer, neither Sagar nor Ansuman after him, nor his son Dilip could get Ganga to appear on earth. However, the impact of her fall would be so severe, that it could be borne by none less than Lord Shiva himself. The seventh stream followed Bhagiratha to earth and then to the nether worlds.

Bhagiratha patiently led the river down to the sea from the Himalayas and for this reason the Ganges is also known as the Bhagirathi. However, being unable to locate the exact spot where the ashes lay, he requested Ganga to follow her own course.

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The Ganga, therefore in the region of Bengal, divided herself into a hundred mouths and formed the Ganges delta. One of these streams washed the ashes, and offered salvation to the souls of the departed.

In this way the children of Sagar were saved and an ocean formed from the waters there. People believe that by bathing in the Ganga sins are washed away.

The principle centers for the worship of the Ganga are Gangotri, the source of the river; Haridwar, where she comes down to the plains; Allahabad, where she joins the Yamuna; Varanasi, the holy city; and Sagar Island in her estuary where she finally flows into the Bay of Bengal.

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Another legend regarding Ganga has it that Ganga followed Bhagiratha and because of his tremendous speed, all the villages, forests etc. Sage Jahnuh who was doing a yagna in his hermitage got angry when his hermitage was submerged in the Ganga. He drank whole of the Ganga by his yogic power.

At this the deities, and the men became restless and they requested Jahnuh to release Ganga. The interruption of the love making process led to the precious seed to fall on the ground.

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Having emerged from Lord Shiva himself, the seed had immense power and fire stored within it — so much so that even Lord Agni found it difficult to keep holding it in his beak and he let go off it and dropped it in the Ganges.

Lord Shiva then proclaimed that this celestial child be known by six different names, to be known as the son of six different creators. Temples are an integral part of Hindu way of life, and with majority of population[ Lord Shiva is one of the three major deities of Hinduism, the two others being[ What is Sankhya Philosophy? You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Ek mukhi hanuman kavach pdf creator

Temple Purohit TemplePurohit. Lord Ganesha — The Remover of all Obstacles.

Ek mukhi hanuman kavach pdf creator

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