Epson Eb 1771w Pdf File

Epson eb 1771w pdf file

This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Page 10 - Connecting to a wireless LAN and project Page 31 - Switching to the Target Image by Remote Page 46 - Changing the aspect ratio for computer i Page 52 - Projecting Without a Computer Slideshow Page 57 Page 58 - Projecting image files in a folder in se Page 65 - Correcting the Color Difference when Pro Page - Interference or distortion appear in ima Page - The image is truncated large or small, Page - Images appear dark Page - Problems when Projection Starts Page - The remote control does not work Page - Email is not received even if a problem User's Guide.

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Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Epson EBW Specifications 2 pages. Epson EBW Datasheet 2 pages.

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Please understand and respect these caution symbols in order to avoid injury to persons or property. Warning This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in personal injury or even death due to incorrect handling. Page 4 Slideshow examples Page 6 Screen Size and Projection Distance Page 7: Introduction Introduction This chapter explains the projector's features and the part names.

Control panel s "Control Panel" p. Lamp cover s "Replacing the Lamp" p. Page Control Panel Adjusts the projected image so that it fits the screen frame.

Epson EB-1776W User Manual

EBW only s "Correcting the Focus" p. Page Replacing The Remote Control Batteries Part Names and Functions Replacing the remote control batteries If delays in the responsiveness of the remote control occur or if it does not operate after it has been used for some time, it probably means that the batteries are becoming flat. When this happens, replace them with new batteries. Page Preparing The Projector Preparing the Projector This chapter explains how to install the projector and connect projection sources.

If it is not installed correctly, it could fall Install the projector according to the conditions of the installation location. If the projector is tilted the projected image is also tilted. Page Connecting Equipment Connecting Equipment This section gives examples of how to connect the projector and the projection source. The port name, location, and connector orientation differ depending on the source being connected. Connecting a Computer To project images from a computer, connect the computer using one of the following methods.

Epson eb 1771w pdf file

When using the supplied computer cable Connect the computer's display output port to the projector's Computer port. When using a commercially available video cable Connect the video output port on the image source to the projector's Video port.

You can output audio from the projector's speaker by connecting the audio output port on the video equipment to the projector's Audio port using a commercially available audio cable. Secure the wireless LAN unit cover with the screw supplied.

Install the wireless LAN unit. Attach the wireless LAN unit cover, and then turn over the projector. When your video equipment is connected, start playback before beginning EXE on your computer.

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Click Uninstall a program under Programs. Correct the projected image manually. Page 36 Adjusting Projected Images Adjust the zoom ring so that the yellow frame is bigger than the Once the adjustment screen appears, do not move the projector screen frame as shown below.

Position the black message box in or block the image.

Epson eb 1771w pdf file

The projected image will not be corrected the center of the screen. Page Correcting Keystone Distortion When you correct keystone distortion, the projected image may be reduced. Press the [Menu] button while projecting.

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Page 40 Adjusting Projected Images Repeat procedures 4 and 5 as needed to adjust any remaining corners. Using the [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] buttons on the When you are done, press the [Esc] button to exit the correction remote control, or the [ ], [ ], [ Mode Application Settings - Volume p. Caution Ideal for making presentations using a whiteboard. Press the [Menu] button. Page Useful Functions Useful Functions This chapter explains useful tips for giving presentations, and the Security functions.

Operating procedures Projecting on a split screen Press the [Split] button while projecting. Page 50 Projection Functions Press the [Menu] button.

The Source screen is also displayed when the following buttons The Split Screen Setup screen is displayed. Page Slideshow Examples Projection Functions Slideshow examples Slideshow operating methods Projecting images stored on USB storage Although the following steps are explained based on the remote control, you can perform the same operations from the control panel. If not all of the files and folders are displayed on the current screen, press the []] button on the remote control, or position the cursor on Next Page at the bottom of the screen and press the [ ] button.

In PDF files, you can move pages up or down, enlarge, or rotate. Press the [Esc] button to display the select page menu.

Epson eb 1771w pdf file

The first page in the PDF file is displayed at full screen size. You can perform the following operations while a PDF file is displayed. Select the page you want to project using the [ ] or [ ] button, and While a page is displayed at full screen size, press the [ ] or [ ] button The default setting is 3 seconds. Press the ] button, the [ ] button, or the []] button to display the next To stop playback When you press the [Esc] button, the message file.

Select Option from the submenu displayed, then When you have finished making settings, press the [ press the [ ] button. Each time you press the [Freeze] button, Freeze turns on or off.

Remote control Projector Remote control Each time you press the [Pointer] button, the pointer appears or disappears. Remote control When any pair of adjacent [ ], [ ], [ ], or [ buttons are pressed at the same time, the pointer can be moved diagonally.

This is useful when you want to expand images to see them in greater Remote control detail, such as graphs and tables. The selected available USB cable. When multiple projectors are set up and you need to make corrections, use []] button: Moves to the next page.

ID selected with remote control: 1 "Using the Configuration Menu" p.

Epson PowerLite 1771W

Page Correcting Projection Functions Point the remote control at the remote receiver of the target Choose the ID you want to set and press the [ ] button. You can make changes after setting User's Logo You can save the image that is currently being projected as a User's Logo.

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Protect to Off. Page 70 Projection Functions Select the zoom factor from the zoom setting screen. Remote control You can save at x dots in size.

Epson eb 1771w pdf file

When the message "Save this image as the User's Logo? When password. See the following for more details on the Microsaver Security System. The control panel buttons are locked according to the setting you chose. Page Configuration Menu Configuration Menu This chapter explains how to use the Configuration menu and its functions. Select a submenu item. Although steps are explained using the remote control as an example, you can perform the same operations from the control panel.

Epson EB-1771W

Check the guide under the menu for the available buttons and their operations. Color Temp. You can adjust computer images when flickering, fuzziness, or Settable items vary depending on the image signal and source currently interference appear in the images.

Setting details are saved for each image signal.

Epson Projectors - Quick Connect Wireless

You can adjust the display position up, down, left, and right when Position a part of the image is missing so that the whole image is projected. You can use this to restrict operation of the projector's control Page 85 You can reset the adjustment values for Display while the projector is in standby mode when this is set to Operation from the Extended menu to their default Communication On.

This function is called Web Control. Cancel: Continues displaying the Network menu.