Fabrication De Lacier Pdf To Jpg

Fabrication de lacier pdf to jpg

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Fabrication de lacier pdf to jpg

If you like antique engines, vintage tractors or old iron, please register and join us. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Boiler Fabrication.

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Thread starter Dan Donaldson Start date Nov 2, Dan Donaldson Registered. I started this thread to document the progress of the boiler I am building for my 26 Advance Straw Burner. I new before I bought the engine that boiler was in need of some major repair. The outside wrapper, under the axle castings, were thin and the firebox sheets were thin around each of the stay bolts.

I would be able to use the shops machinery to cut the plates, drill the holes for the rivets and stay bolts and form the parts. I want to build a boiler that is as much like the original within reason so I am going to use riveted construction with the exception of the longitudinal seam of the barrel and the steam dome.

The firebox will also be of welded construction. Now, on to the pictures. This first set is of the engine as it looked after it arrived at my house in Florida. Picture The first thing I had to do was create drawings of the boiler. Since I work as a draftsman at the steel fabrication shop I work at I did this myself.

Because of the size restraints for posting pictures on this message board this image does not look clear at all.

Fabrication de lacier pdf to jpg

If you are interested I can email you better quality full size. Email me at ddonaldson tampatank. This included removing the grates and crawling inside the firebox. Most boiler shops dismantle the engine before making measurements but I want to keep the engine assembled until the boiler is completed. Drawing Last edited: Nov 2, The first photo in this set is of the outside and firebox wrappers just after they were cut on the CNC burning machine. The Second photo shows the firebox back head, the back head and firebox wrapper after the stay-bolt holes have been drilled.

The third and fourth photos show the drilling process. I used two automatic feed, magnetic drills at the same time to speed up the work. It takes 30 seconds to drill a hole which is just enough time to set up the other drill and get it started. These two pictures are of the barrel being rolled.

These two pictures are of the outside wrapper being rolled.

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The first picture here is of the water leg being formed in the brake press. The second picture is the firebox wrapper after it was broke in the brake press. We are using the plate roll to remove the bend in the crown sheet. Here are the misc.

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Peter Registered. I wish I could do that. I assume not and you are lucky to have access to the shop so you can cut your expenses. Look at all the heavy new plate, drool What does it mean to be s-stamp for riveting? I assume the boiler is not asme code and that repairs or fabrication should still be documented and up to some standard? Would it make sense to keep the origional dome, both for cosmetic reasons and you could claim to have repaired the origional boiler?

Curious, did you drill the rivet holes undersize prior to rolling?

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Lots of questions, sorry, its very interesting project to watch. Peter said:. WildIrishman52 Subscriber. Awesome job Dan, I hope you are doing this on your coffee breaks!!! G Joe Kelley. Gary Bahre Subscriber. Dan: I want to thank you for sharing the prossess of the making of your boiler. This past spring I was involved in having a new boiler made for our clubs 14 gauge train. Later this winter we will be taking our Peerless traction engine apart, most likley it will get a new boiler also. I will be posting the work on the American Thresherman's engine as it comes apart.

Thanks again for sharing your project.

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Gary Bahre. Jim Jake Templin Guest.

Fabrication de lacier pdf to jpg

Dan, I am very impressed. FYI welded longitudanal seams aren't as new as a lot of people think.


It was a common practice among locomotive builders to gas weld the seam, then rivit butt straps on either side of it. I have also seen gas and forge welded steam domes as well. Craig Dobbins, the 23 year old R stamp boilermaker from Iowa, is going to rivit together a boiler for an turn of the century NS, and is going to have a welded long seam. He said he was going to put on a fake butt strap, but I told him to just dress the seam and leave it alone and just tell everyone that the seam is on the side opposite the viewer.

I think boilers look just fine as long as there is a row of rivits at the throat sheet and smokebox end. Are you going to do any "cosmetics" on the long seam? IMHO a fake buttstrap on an engine that should have a lap is as incorrect as anything else, and since the seam can only be seen from one side anyway, I advocate just leaving them alone. PS what method of flanging are you going to use?

Fabrication de lacier pdf to jpg

WildIrishman52 said:. Last edited: Nov 4, Gary Bahre said:.

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Rev Jim Jake Templin said:. AndyG Registered. Hey Dan, if you need to clean up your forming block use a needle scaler. The scaler will take care of the flaky rust ASAP. Thanks Andy.

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I will give that a try on the pieces I still need to de-scale. Works good on flaky rust and old paint. Lots and antique equipment restorers swear by needle scalers for all manner of jobs.

Fabrication de lacier pdf to jpg

If you run out of uses fit it you can always use it for its intended use of cleaning slag from a stick weld. You must log in or register to reply here.