Flora Y Fauna Del Lago Titicaca Pdf File

Flora y fauna del lago titicaca pdf file

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It has an approximated surface of 8. In the flora of the lake it excels the totora. Its fauna this conformed by birds like: parihuanas, ducks, guallatas, zambullidores, chulumpi tiki and fish like trouts, pejerreyes, suches, etc. In his waters they are up to 36 islands, being the most important floating islands of the Uros, Taquile, and Amantani.

Flora y fauna del lago titicaca pdf file

En la flora del lago sobresale la totora. Su fauna esta conformada por aves como: parihuanas, patos, guallatas, zambullidores, chulumpi tiki y peces como truchas, pejerreyes, suches, etc.

Flora y fauna del lago titicaca pdf file

But that green idyllic one is deceptive, since in fact it is the symptom of one serious ecological disease. He is not attractive either close by, because it smells bad.

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The green vegetable that floats on the lake shared by Bolivia and Peru has of three to four centimeters of thickness and is formed by an alga as large as a lentil, than it has propagated explosively.

The carpet of "lentejitas" absorbs the nutrients, prevents the passage of the solar light to the bottom of waters and it has not been allowing to the life of the fish and other animals, according to noticed for six years the Peruvian National University of the Plateau, the first organization that reacted before the problem.

Flora y fauna del lago titicaca pdf file

The proliferation of the seaweed is fault of the man: they have been prospering for 12 years thanks to the nutrients contained in the liquid remainders that Puno spills in the lake. The Titicaca lake is located to 3 thousand meters of altitude above sea level and their waters are bombed by 12 collectors of water-drainage of Puno, the biggest city of the zone, with more than thousand inhabitants.

Only 45 percents of the flows of water-drainage of the locality are lead to the plant of water treatment served as the Thorny spot. The rest unloading directly in the lake.

Flora y fauna del lago titicaca pdf file

The problem worsens in the seasons of rain, when the sweepings of the city is dragged towards waters, due to the inadequate system of pluvial drainage. The seaweed is not the only ecological problem in the Titicaca lake, because in other zones of this gigantic mass of water of 8 thousand kilometers square the mining companies throw relaves dreg and remainders that kills the flora and the fauna.

Between August and October of , a cruise of scientific research Peruvian-Bolivian, with the help of experts of other countries, measured in diverse points of the lake the environmental impact of relaves miners and the urban liquid remainders.


Also, the authorities of Bolivia and Peru were committed to increase the control of the mining activities, to prevent that relaves is thrown to the lake. Tampoco es atractivo de cerca, pues huele mal.

La Reserva Nacional del Titicaca

El resto se descarga directamente en el lago. El problema se agrava en las temporadas de lluvia, cuando la basura de la ciudad es arrastrada hacia las aguas, debido al inadecuado sistema de drenaje pluvial.

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