Historia Del Bogotazo Pdf Download

Historia del bogotazo pdf download

Historia del bogotazo pdf download

The aftershock of Gaitan's murder continued extending through the countryside and escalated a period of violence which had begun eighteen years before, in , and was triggered by the fall of the conservative party from government and the rise of the liberals. The struggle for power between both again triggered a period in the history of Colombia known as La Violencia "The Violence" that lasted until approximately , from which the civil conflict that continues to this day grew.

The Cold War was in its early stages with communist regimes installed throughout eastern Europe. Washington was eager to set a position against communism through a statement forwarded by General George Marshall , the U.

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Secretary of State and head of the American delegation, which was to be backed by the foreign ministers of the Latin American nations. Both Conservatives and traditional Liberal elites were very concerned at this prospect.

Later that day he was invited to lunch by a political supporter, Plinio Mendoza Neira.

Historia del bogotazo pdf download

Oh powerful things! Our Lady of Carmen, save me! After that, the doors were charged and the man was taken by the mob. His face was crushed with a brick, and his body was mutilated.

Historia Del Movimiento Obrero 4 CEAL 1974

A bystander, Gabriel Restrepo, collected the remains of his clothes and found some personal documents, which identified him as year-old Juan Roa Sierra. Sierra was born into a poor family. There was a history of mental illness amongst Sierra's brothers, and he may himself have been unstable.

So, it has been theorized that the crime was planned for political reasons and to promote interests of foreign countries, but this has never been corroborated.

Much more than documents.

A la calle con palos, piedras, escopetas, cuanto haya a la mano. Ultimas Noticias with you. People, to arms! To the streets with clubs, stones, shotguns, or whatever is at hand!

El bogotazo: memorias del olvido Visión comunista acerca del asesinato de Jorge Eliécer Gaitán

Break into the hardware stores and take the dynamite , gunpowder , tools, machetes After that, instructions to make Molotov cocktails were broadcast. People from everywhere in the city rushed downtown.

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A large crowd formed outside Clinica Central, the hospital where Gaitan died. President Ospina was notified of the murder and called for a council with his cabinet. Many cars, buses and streetcars were burned. From a balcony, he pleaded the crowd to stop the violence, but it was useless. They were confronted by the Army, and many were killed.

The offices of the government ministry and El Siglo newspaper were set on fire. Most hardware stores were raided, especially in San Victorino district.


People armed themselves with pipes, hooks, steel rods, hatchets, saws, and machetes. Some policemen joined the mobs. Others were confused and waited for orders that never came. About p. The major in charge, Benicio Arce Vera, came out unarmed to plead with the crowd, and gave orders to his men not to shoot.

Historia del bogotazo pdf download

The mob trampled him and seized weapons and ammunition. According to Arce, in an interview years later to Bohemia magazine, among those who took the weapons was Fidel Castro , La Habana , April 21, , issue Some writers say that this event influenced Castro at the age of 21, who had the opportunity to witness the initial violence and take views about the viability of an electoral route for political change. Others view it more darkly since Castro at that age had already been involved in violence in Cuba where he is reputed to have killed, or tried to kill, some university rivals including Rolando Masferrer by that time Ros, They received a phone call from the presidential palace, inviting them to a meeting to try to resolve their differences and find a solution.

However, because of the conflict in the streets, the Liberal leaders could not reach the palace - some received shotgun wounds.

el bogotazo en colombia

Eventually they asked for a military escort, and successfully reached the palace. However, President Ospina was surprised to see the Liberal leaders, since the invitation had been made by some of his ministers without his knowledge. Discussions went throughout the night, but failed to reach an agreement. Civilians took to the streets of the centro district sacking public buildings.

Historia del bogotazo pdf download

Among these were the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Health, the offices of the public prosecutor and the Ministry of Communications. Many were killed over struggles for stolen goods.

All sorts of merchandise was carried off to the poorer outlying districts.

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In the following days, a market for selling the stolen goods was set up, which was known as the "Feria Panamericana" Pan-American Fair.

They broadcast information about the constitution of this council and announced severe punishment to those who took advantage of the riots to commit crimes. The Central Government, after defeating the mobs that were attacking the Justice Palace, showed little interest in the violence over the rest of the city. The electricity in that district was shut down, and the Army was sent in to shut down transmission.

Historia del bogotazo pdf download

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