History C Programming Language Pdf

History c programming language pdf

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One of the languages Stroustrup had the opportunity to work with was a language called Simula, which as the name implies is a language primarily designed for simulations. The Simula 67 language - which was the variant that Stroustrup worked with - is regarded as the first language to support the object-oriented programming paradigm.

History c programming language pdf

Stroustrup found that this paradigm was very useful for software development, however the Simula language was far too slow for practical use. Shortly thereafter, he began work on "C with Classes", which as the name implies was meant to be a superset of the C language. His goal was to add object-oriented programming into the C language, which was and still is a language well-respected for its portability without sacrificing speed or low-level functionality.

History c programming language pdf

His language included classes , basic inheritance , inlining , default function arguments , and strong type checking in addition to all the features of the C language.

It was a program designed to translate C with Classes code to ordinary C.

History c programming language pdf

A rather interesting point worth noting is that Cfront was written mostly in C with Classes, making it a self-hosting compiler a compiler that can compile itself. Nonetheless, Cfront made a huge impact on the implementations of future compilers and on the Unix operating system. The language was not officially standardized yet, making the book a very important reference.

History c programming language pdf

The language was updated again in to include protected and static members, as well as inheritance from several classes.

The Standard Template Library , which began its conceptual development in , was also included.

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In , the committee responded to multiple problems that were reported with their standard, and revised it accordingly. Ironically, however, the new standard would not be released until mid Several technical reports were released up until then, and some compilers began adding experimental support for the new features.

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The Boost library project made a considerable impact on the new standard, and some of the new modules were derived directly from the corresponding Boost libraries. Written by Albatross.