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Share this book:. Rate this book. Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking Favorite Author. I think it was mostly Remy that made me like this series so much.


She was pretty much a determined, cold hearted bitch and I kind of loved her for it. Even though I enjoyed Hollowmen overall, I had more than a few issues with it. The explanation for the zombie virus didn't make sense. It's described as a disease in which an infected person doesn't really die and come back to life, but instead loses consciousness of their actions and becomes deranged and hungry for people.

I can accept that, but it's when we are then informed that the zombies can stay alive even when most of their organs are missing, the only way to kill these zombies is through destroying their brain or heart. They can even survive without food if they need to; they never This just doesn't make sense.

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If you want to make a book where the Zombies are the result of an evolved form of the rabies virus, then it has to actually be plausible. Otherwise just stick with good old walking corpses.

The grammar and spelling was laughable at times, I don't mean that in suck up, grammar nazi way, but in that I actually chuckled to myself while reading some sentences.

It probably doesn't deserve 4 stars, but I'm in a good mood so I'm going to give it to Hollowmen anyway. Actually, now that I think about it, it was all because of Remy, without her I doubt I would have liked Hollowmen, but she made the cringe worthy, improbable scenes worth it.

I mean Zombies and realism don't really go together anyway, right?

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Well, that was what I kept telling myself. As my dad always says, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


I wanted a zombie novel that was more about the survivors Either way Hollowlands fitted the bill, though it felt like I'd missed a book in the series as it started right in the action. I don't think a lot of the supporting cast were developed as much as they could be and I found Lazlo quite irritating and didn't get a rockstar vibe off of him at all.

Remy was a suitably kick ass female, but she felt emotionally stunted. You never really went into her head enough to really connect with her, all of the emotions in the novel felt shallow though I suspect the author was trying to go for the shocked numbness a zombie apocalypse would cause. Sadly it didn't translate well.

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The love scenes had no fizzle for me, they were more like soggy sparklers because I didn't find the male characters interesting enough to be sexy and there certainly wasn't any sexual tension or heat. Ripley was my favorite character, I have a weakness for non-human sidekicks and the lion was done very well. I did wonder if there was a lack of interest in naming certain character, or if Hocking just named them after actors Daniel Craig?

Craig Daniel!

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I found the first book better by half a star than the second, purely because there was a tiny bit more character development. I think Hocking has been reading a bit too much GOT with how much she enjoyed killing off main characters but without the emotional pull that I'd feel in a GOT novel.

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Mostly I suspect this was because we got introduced to a character then a chapter later they'd die. Or a book later. Overall, these books were what I was looking for in a novel yet they were more like junk food then anything with substance, but who can resist a bag of Cheetos?

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Copy in the library:. Reviews see all aladrond. This is a tough one to rate. I didn't really like the story, but I still love her writing style.

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So I don't know which one I'm rating!! The deaths didn't have any impact at all. Harlow, Lazlow, Blue And the other thing that was just so The girl had multiple major abdominal surgeries with no anesthetic, no antibiotics, and even had to stitch herself up once, then like a few weeks later she's doing crunches.

I get that Remy is strong but that was too much to take to early. I'd give it 2 maybe 2. Sadly this didn't work for me, but I'll still be reading her other stuff.

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I really didn't like it at the end. One thing I want to mention though, whats with the names???

Remy, Boden, Serg but okay thats Russian so its fine , Ripley, Nolita, Bishop, Teddy, Blue, Harlow and a bunch more that I don't remember because of the seemingly random choice of their names. I don't know maybe I've just never heard these names before made it difficult to follow the story. Other books by Romance.

Hollowmen (2011)

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