How Does It Feel To Be A Problem Moustafa Bayoumi Pdf Printer

How does it feel to be a problem moustafa bayoumi pdf printer

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How does it feel to be a problem moustafa bayoumi pdf printer

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Alan Dershowitz, Devil’s Advocate

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How does it feel to be a problem moustafa bayoumi pdf printer

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Growing Up and Self-Discovery. Justice, Activism, and the Future of American Democracy.

How does it feel to be a problem moustafa bayoumi pdf printer

Arab American Identities. In , with their asylum applications stalling, the family returns to Syria; Rasha finds school difficult. They discover they have won a green card interview, but since they have left the United States, they have already lost eligibility.

How Does It Feel to Be a Problem?

Instead, they manage to get a visa for a visit back to the United States, where they reapply for asylum. They move back to Brooklyn, which feels like home, seven months after landing in Syria. There they are interrogated—the officers show them pictures of suspected terrorists and ask them about their past whereabouts and activities.

Racism, Discrimination, and Foreign Policy. Download it!

Alan Dershowitz’s long, controversial career—and the accusations against him.

While her family was critical of Assad, she realized she could repeat their feelings in public and began to strongly value the freedom of speech she had in the United States. Again, there is an enormous rift between how Rasha and her family see their relationship to the U.

Rasha , her mother , and her older sister Reem go to Bergen County Jail in New Jersey, where they are strip-searched, photographed, and locked in a filthy, overcrowded holding cell for six hours, and then in another holding cell for two days.

How does it feel to be a problem moustafa bayoumi pdf printer

Rasha is depressed not only because of the horrible conditions she is forced to live in, but also because she has no idea why she is in jail or when, if ever, she will be released. The government leaves her in a state of emotional and legal limbo, with nothing to look forward to and a sudden, serious reason to distrust the government she had previously appreciated for granting her family asylum.

Her tale is significant because it offers a perspective usually silenced: that of someone deemed unworthy of basic human rights. Rasha watches her mother pray and befriend other inmates.

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Meanwhile, Rasha grows closer to her sister Reem , with whom she shares a cell. The other women are Muslims there for similar reasons, Israelis and Russians there on immigration charges, and African-American and Latina women there on drug charges. Most have committed their crimes just for the sake of survival; unlike on TV, they treat one another with the humanity and goodwill they were denied by the government.

Gaby and Nicky are confused: Rasha has disappeared. After three weeks, the women are transferred to the same facility in Brooklyn as the men. The prison guards seem unwilling to empathize with their predicament and therefore unable to see them as fully human. Once, they distract their mother from the sound of two inmates having sex nearby.

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Needless to say, this is a less than ideal way to grow up: Rasha and Reem are forced to suddenly play adult roles, caring for their mother in their alien and threatening environment. The prison is its own kind of cosmopolitan community, full of confused immigrants from various parts of the globe, and it is worth asking what the U.

As Rasha soon discovers, there is profit in the prison system. Suddenly, near the beginning of May, Rasha and her whole family are freed with no warning or explanation. An immigration officer tells them they have a court date, but also a valid case for residency.

How It Feels to Be A Problem

The family reunites at home and solemnly eats dinner. The fact that they are lucky to have a residency case implies that other detained immigrants may not have been so lucky as to be able to stay after being freed. Rasha decides that she wants to be like the activists and lawyers who took up their case; she begins working on Middle East peace issues but cannot go to an international conference because of her undocumented status.

But she also realizes that her experience connects to broader immigration and foreign policy issues, which shape her orientation toward the future and sense of personal purpose.

How does it feel to be a problem moustafa bayoumi pdf printer

Related Quotes with Explanations. Many are deported in secret; human rights organizations like Amnesty International recognize that the U. Later, the U. There are still no good statistics regarding the number of people arrested, but with the usual hour limit on detention without evidence relaxed, the average victim appears to have spent about 80 days in detention.

Data Protection Choices

Yet it remains unclear what, if anything, these violations of human rights did for the national public good. They cast a wide net based purely on profiles, turning people like Rasha and her family into collateral damage of the War on Terror—which was, and continues to be, waged in the United States in addition to abroad.

This is not an unprecedented policy: the FBI interned more than , people of Japanese ancestry after the Pearl Harbor attacks in Bayoumi points out the history of arbitrary detention to show how the U. Racism continues to fuel official policy as immigrants are declared enemies based on their country of origin, not their individual actions. They become pawns in a symbolic game: the United States proves its strength and suggests that it has defeated its enemies by punishing people who look like those enemies and encouraging the American public to conflate a country halfway around the world with innocent people at home.

The weekend after her release, at dinner with her friends, Rasha is astonished to see the counselor who made her mother cry in prison sitting at a nearby table with his family.

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How Does It Feel to Be a Problem

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How does it feel to be a problem moustafa bayoumi pdf printer

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How Does It Feel to Be A Problem Summary and Study Guide

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Being Young and Arab in America

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