How To Make Pdf Booklet

How to make pdf booklet

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At different stages of production, the PDF might be used for:. Whether you decide to offer your book for sale directly from your website in PDF or not, you are going to use the PDF of your book for lots of marketing and publicity tasks.

For instance, on a review campaign you might offer reviewers the book in ePub, Kindle, print or PDF versions. For information on some other PDF tools, see the Resources at the end of this article.

Unlike the typical ebooks you find online, most of which are letter-size, landscape and look more like presentations than books, these PDFs look exactly like a printed book. After all, the printed books are made from the PDFs.

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In a PDF you see the book in its idealized, perfect form. This is exactly the effect I was going for. Cover and opening spread in the PDF version. If you want to get fancy and you have a jacketed hardcover, you can do the same thing. In Photoshop I created files for both the front and back flaps. Making these into pages of their own, with white backgrounds, I was able to imitate the look of a hardcover pretty successfully:.

Front cover and first spread with "flap". Last spread with back "flap" and back cover complete the book.

Print booklets using Acrobat or Reader

Making it look like a copy of the print book will give you a much more attractive PDF e-book to work with. No matter who does the layout on your book be sure to get a PDF of the final, corrected version as it went to print. Whether your printer is a print on demand supplier, or an offset printer, your designer most likely supplied them with a complete reproduction-quality PDF of both the book interior and the cover or jacket.

How to make pdf booklet

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How to make pdf booklet

Hi Joel. I have designed a very beautiful, page book in In Design.

How to print a Booklet

There are color artwork images with facing pages of full background color with a quote-type passage directly written for that specific image. It looks great. I also decided NOT to do facing pages. This way it just flows one page at a time. When I had it 2up, different readers would put the passage with the wrong image. They are digitally created. Yes, I will sell the downloadable PDF from my website. Or of course I can read it in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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This is my first of hopefully many ebooks, so finding the right publishing format now is really important to me. Another solution would be, since you will only be selling them from your own site, to personalize the copies you ship to customers with their name added to the book, which is not hard to do in Acrobat. In the end, everyone who sells content online has to deal with the piracy issue, but many experienced authors have decided that piracy is simply another promotional channel that will put their book into the hands of more readers than they can reach themselves, and in some cases that can be a good thing.

The ultimate solution is to issue the book only in print.

How to make pdf booklet

That would solve your reproduction quality and piracy concerns all at once. It sounds like you feel PDF is still the best way to go. And I will look into both those options to eliminate or at least reduce piracy.

How to Make a PDF Book That's Realistic

As far as quality, the image quality is definitely much better online vs. And, like you said. To get the info to as many people as possible, or to make money? I think that attitude wins out. Joel, Your post is just the push I need to make the book I published as a paperback in available in e-format.

Great suggestions in the comments as well. I have yet to get acrobat pro, however I use a great little freebie program, called PDFsam — which is a splitter and merger. Another amazingly useful post, Joel.

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to show my print publishing clients a PDF proof. Since Pagemaker has been discontinued, you can often pick up a copy for a pittance. Mike, sorry I missed these comments when you made them, but thanks for your extensive contribution and the links to LSI documents.

Also, keep in mind that using software designed for creating business letters i. Cut Word out of the loop.

How to Print Booklet in PDF for Windows

Excellent suggestions, and much appreciated cover placement details. PDF is a godsend, particularly for books with lots of images and charts.

How to make pdf booklet

Thanks, Gordon. Know any good ones? You can save some money if you buy an older version on eBay.

How to make pdf booklet

Michael N. PDF files are used for many publishing purposes these days, so it could be vital for some projects […].

How to make pdf booklet

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The last spread and the back cover. Comments How would you create a hardcover book from a pdf? Thanks for even getting through my long email Joel! Great post, thank you. I love your hardback replication idea.

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