Html 4 01 Reference Pdf In Html

Html 4 01 reference pdf in html

Html 4 01 reference pdf in html

The value may be given in pixels or as a percentage of the parent element's width or height. This example also demonstrates the use of alternate content for browsers that cannot display the embedded object.

Html 4 01 reference pdf in html

In the example, a Yahtzee game written in Python is used if the browser supports it. A Java version is provided as an alternative for browsers that do not support Python applets.

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An image is given for browsers that cannot show the Java or Python applets, and text is used as a final alternative if images are not loaded.

This attribute provides short text to display while the object is loading.

Html 4 01 reference pdf in html

The standard archive format for Java files is JAR. This allows the object to be instantiated from a link, button, or object later in the same document.

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The ID attribute must be used with declared objects as an identifier for the instantiating element. For example:. The following example gives two images, one an alternate if the first type of image is not supported.


The MAP element contains a menu of links to be rendered on browsers not loading images. In the case of a tie, the element appearing first in the HTML document takes precedence. The values top , middle , and bottom specify the object's position with respect to surrounding content on its left and right. To center the object horizontally on the page, place the object in a centered block, e.

The other ALIGN values, left and right , specify a floating object; the object is placed at the left or right margin and content flows around it.

Html 4 01 reference pdf in html

The vertical-align and float properties of Cascading Style Sheets provide more flexible methods of aligning objects. The value must be in pixels and applies to both sides of the object.

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Style sheets provide more flexibility in specifying the space around objects. All rights reserved.

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