Itextsharp Add Image To Pdf Copy Past

Itextsharp add image to pdf copy past

Itextsharp add image to pdf copy past

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Adding your Image Programmatically while Generating your PDF

I am successfully using iTextSharp to read in a PDF with a form, fill out fields on the form, and write it back out to the client. I've now gotten a requirement that certain pages should be removed if they're all blank for purposes of the question, I can check a boolean variable to know whether or not I need to remove the pages. My understanding is to do this in iTextSharp you are actually copying the PDF from one to another, and omitting the pages to be removed.

Itextsharp add image to pdf copy past

I have this working, but I'm losing the form on the copied PDF; i. Here is my code so far, that writes the PDF to a file but doesn't fill out the form presumably because the form isn't preserved when copying :.

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Nevermind, I seem to have been able to figure it out by using the SelectPages method on the PDF reader, and I can avoid having to do an actual copy of the files. Learn more.

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Add Image in PDF Using iText in Java

Viewed 6k times. GetInstance doc, ms ; doc. Open ; doc. SetPageSize reader.

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GetPageSize i ; doc. AddTemplate page, 0, GetPageSizeWithRotation i. Height ; else cb. AddTemplate page, 1. Close ; doc.

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SetFullCompression ; stamper. Wayne Molina Wayne Molina Why don't you post the correct code sample instead of a hint.

iTextSharp: How to create pdf with a table design and embed image in c#

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Itextsharp add image to pdf copy past

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Adjusting Your Image Scaling to Render in Your PDF

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Itextsharp add image to pdf copy past

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iTextSharp – Insert an Image to a PDF in C#

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