James Hutton Theory Of The Earth Pdf To Excel

James hutton theory of the earth pdf to excel

This ambitious course in Earth Science is the first of its kind.

DJ Lake inspires wonder, explaining challenging scientific concepts clearly and easily. Starting billions of years ago at the beginning of time, we bring you right to the present day.

The veil is lifted on why the Earth works as it does, how we know what we know about our planet, and how all this affects your daily experience of the world. Geology has been studied in a limited manner since antiquity. What are the big questions?

Where do we begin? Most of the art and imagery in this course is in the public domain, or original work based on academic sources. Please see below for any exceptions in this lesson. In this lecture we explore the Scottish Enlightenment and how sociopolitical conditions led to immense academic progress in geology.

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James Hutton, the father of modern geology , is introduced and we discover the importance of the unconformity. The concept of an unconformity is pivotal to the understanding of geologic time.

Join me for a virtual field trip to a really neat unconformity. We are still working on that same old problem How old is the Earth? Lord Kelvin was an interesting figure in 19th century science.

We will discuss his contributions, and the various problems encountered by other 19th century earth scientists. In geology we study the firmament: rocks.

But what are rocks anyway? We need to delve into the atomic structure of matter before we can truly understand the interactions of rocks, crystals, and minerals. This lesson could alternatively be called: What you may or may not remember from high school chemistry. Radioactivity is an interesting phenomenon in nature.

James hutton theory of the earth pdf to excel

It is also crucial to geologists. Let's delve deep into the history of the sciences!

James hutton theory of the earth pdf to excel

Because my lesson on radioactivity turned into a major treatment of the history of chemistry and particle physics, we have to have a second attempt and finish it up! We learned all that stuff about radioactivity for good reason. Finally we have the tools to tackle the problem of Earth's age! Now we know the age of Earth, but as usual answers lead to more questions.

Where are the oldest rocks? What is Earth made of?

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Although we mainly think of planet "Earth", it would be more aptly called planet "Ocean". What does this mean for earth scientists? The Swiss Alps are a traditional place of study for geologists.

The formations are structurally complex, and a lot of pioneering work in geology was done in the Alps. We'll see what secrets those jagged peaks have reluctantly let slip. Have you ever noticed the nearly jigsaw puzzle fit of the continents?

James hutton theory of the earth pdf to excel

Check it out on a map, it's neat. Lots of scientists through history have picked up on that as well. In this lecture we'll see what the shape of continents implies…. The ocean deeps are a mysterious place - in some ways more mysterious than space. War and political circumstances have historically provided funding for naval navigation. We'll look at the results, stemming from wartime bathymetric surveys, on the progress of earth science. In medicine, we use X-rays and any number of other imaging techniques to see inside the body.

Earth science has its own toolkit and we use it to look inside the Earth. Imagine doing an "ultrasound" on our planet We can!

What do we find inside the Earth? What is actually out there on the ocean floors, thousands of kilometres from shore? Oceanographers and others have actually dragged seafloor dredges far out at sea to answer that question. They find the occasional rock, but not just any old kind of rock! In the 's a group of Stanford scientists made a discovery that changed Earth science forever.

The studies used paleomagnetic data, and so fantastic were they, that some have called it "paleomagic". Vine, F. Magnetic anomalies associated with mid-ocean ridges. The Unifying Theory.

Plate Tectonics. A deceivingly simple concept that has deep implications for every facet of geology. Here is an introduction…. Let's discuss convergent , or destructive plate margins. We'll talk about two kinds of subduction, then I'll explain the concept of continental collisions. Here we'll discuss the divergent , or constructive margins.

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These include seafloor spreading , and continental rifting. What drives these processes?

Geologic time scale

How do they manifest themselves today? Let's put together some of the things we've learned and apply ourselves to a real problem. How did the Rocky Mountains form? We can't hope to answer that question fully in an 11 minute lesson, but let's at least cover the main thrust of the concept and see how geologists might approach such a question!

You should consider buying one or downloading it from the USGS website.

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James hutton theory of the earth pdf to excel

Log In. Sign Up. Js Vue JS Python. Earth Science. Geology: Earth Science for Everyone. Geology: Earth Science for Everyone This is the ultimate geology crash-course, you'll learn about the magic of Earth's inner workings concisely and easily.

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Created by DJ Lake. English [Auto-generated]. Buy now. This course includes.

James Hutton, Uniformitarianism, and Deep Time

Certificate of Completion. What you'll learn. We'll answer the fundamental questions How are mountains made?

James hutton theory of the earth pdf to excel

Why do oceans exist? What is a crystal?

Geology: Earth Science for Everyone

Featured review. Uri Shlomov 36 courses, 22 reviews.

James hutton theory of the earth pdf to excel

Need for my opinion to make some cutting for pauses during the talking. Everything is nice and the topic is very interesting!

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Actually, this nice course for absolutely beginners, but it still very nice, even funny in some places, and it gives valued basic information about geology. I enjoyed this course. Thank You! Course content. Expand all 22 lectures