James Penton Apocalypse Delayed Pdf

James penton apocalypse delayed pdf

Marvin James Penton [1] born April 27, is a professor emeritus of history at the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge , Alberta , Canada and the author of three books on the history of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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Although raised in the religion, he was expelled in on the grounds of apostasy after criticizing some of the teachings and conduct of the religion's leadership.

His expulsion gained national media attention and prompted one of several schisms that year among Jehovah's Witnesses.

James Penton speaks about the origins of the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses

Born in April , Penton was raised as a fourth-generation Jehovah's Witnesses, experiencing as a child Canadian government restrictions on the religion's activities. He married Marilyn Mae Kling when they were both 19 circa In he attended the University of Arizona majoring in history with minors in German and Spanish.

Personal Experience: JAMES PENTON

He received his Bachelor of Arts B. In he attended the University of Iowa , studying Medieval History and serving as a research and teaching assistant. He received his Master of Arts M. In , he received his Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Over the years, Penton served in various capacities in Jehovah's Witness congregations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada while pursuing an academic career, before moving to Alberta in On August 10, he sent an eight-page letter to the society detailing his concerns.

He opened the letter by saying he would "write lovingly but candidly about what I believe to be the central problem in our organization — the thing which has sickened it and for which the Governing Body as such must take much direct responsibility".

Penton gave examples of what he claimed were distortions of New Testament texts to support Watch Tower Society teachings on house-to-house preaching, criticized the appointment of elders chiefly on the basis of field service records and described circuit overseer visits as "military inspections".

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He also sought a re-emphasis on justification by faith. One overseer told an assembly: "Woe betide the man that would speak evil against the representatives of God.

James penton apocalypse delayed pdf

He may become like Miriam and stricken with leprosy and he might lose his life. Author James Beverley observed: "It is not often that preachers use the threat of leprosy to keep the flock in line.

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Penton resigned as an elder in December , but a day later withdrew the resignation. He received a one-page reply to his letter from the society's headquarters in January that urged him to adjust his viewpoint or remain silent.

Despite his protests that he was the subject of a witch hunt and injustice [4] because of expressing his view about a religion he had once hailed as a "champion of free speech", Penton was disfellowshipped, or expelled, from Jehovah's Witnesses on the grounds of apostasy in February He subsequently appeared on a national current affairs television program in Canada defending the religion's doctrines and denying its leaders were guilty of false prophecy.

On occasions I was openly criticized by particularly narrow Witnesses with 'trying to make money on the brothers' or 'trying to make a big fellow out of myself'. He began work on Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses soon afterwards, but halted his research and writing in after developing concerns over what he viewed as a growing punitive response of the religion's leadership to doctrinal dissent from within its ranks.

James Penton

In he published Jehovah's Witnesses and the Third Reich: Sectarian Politics under Persecution , which highlights what he claims are discrepancies between the religion's official history of its opposition to Nazism during World War II and documented facts. Historian Detlef Garbe, director at the Neuengamme Hamburg Memorial , criticized Penton's "new theory" that in the s the Watch Tower Society had "adapted" to National Socialism's anti-semitic aggression.

Garbe suggested Penton's interpretation reflected a "deep-seated aversion" against his former religion and that "from a historiographic viewpoint Penton's writings perhaps show a lack of scientific objectivity".

Penton has also edited two journals, written five articles about Jehovah's Witnesses and also wrote the Canadian Encyclopedia's entry about the religion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

James penton apocalypse delayed pdf

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James penton apocalypse delayed pdf

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James penton apocalypse delayed pdf

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James penton apocalypse delayed pdf

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Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses

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Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses, Third Edition

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James penton apocalypse delayed pdf

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