Khayro Mc Le Marriage Pdf

Khayro mc le marriage pdf

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I , I. Mulpmmad Jawid of Qazwin tbr8hin1 George I. Portraits of ten notable RAbis. I 6, The Eukd'i AQws of Aug.

I, I T h e book, in the form which it has finally assumed, comprises eleven more or less independent sections, about each of which something must be said. Seition 1 pp. I was not personally the Perdin? Black, Bti6, translation Camb.

Materials for the study of the Bábí religion

Series, Yol. From incidental remarks in the narrative we learn that the author, Mirza Mubarnmad Jawhd, was at Raghdlld p.

Khayro mc le marriage pdf

We also learn pi. Mirzri Jawhd's narrative is valuable on account of the numerous dates which it gives, and because it comes down to so late a date as March, p. The value of his account of the propaganda carried on in the United States of America by l l r I.

Khayru'llrih has been somewhat discounted by this gentleman's recent publication of his autobiography in his book 0 Chrisiians!

Khayru'llhh and his converts with remarkable success. Of the methods employed an illuminating account pp. I is given by an American lady of enquiring mind who attended the classes of instruction in a sympathetic but critical spirit. Extracts from the American Press in the years arc cited to s! I 5 of the threats addressed to him on account of his apostasy from 'i2bbhs Efendi 'Abdu'l-Bahi by Mirzh Hasan-i-Khurriszini, and the history of the sad fate of MirzL Yahyi at Jedda pp.

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This supplementary bibliography contains descriptions of 49 printed works in European languages English, French, German and Russian , 18 printed and lithographed works in Arabic and Persian, and between 30 and 40 Bibi, Azali and Bahi'i books which exist only in manuscript. These are followed by two English documents penned by the late Dr Cormick of Tabriz, one of which gives the impression produced on him by the Bib, whom he was called in to see professionally.

I do not know of any other European who saw and conversed with the Bib, or, if such there were, who has recorded his impressions. Section Y pp.

Section V1 pp. These documents were kindly communicated to me by Nicolas, a French diplomatist who hzs devoted much attention to the history and doctrine of the BLibis, and whose father is well known to Persian students as the first to introduce to Europe the now celebrated quatrains of 'Umar-i-K hayyam.

To another horrible persecution of Babis in the same town in the sulnnler of some references will be found in thc Rev. This is follotved by lists of the children of Ua1id'u'll:ih and Subh-iXzal compiled from other trustworthy sources.

Sectioe X pp. As regards the illustrations, the originals fro which they are taken have in several cases been in my possession for many years, but I desire here to express my thanks to Dr Ignaz Goldziher for the two American newspapers partly reproduced on the plates facing pp.

Hippolyte Dreyfus for the three docunlents A.

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HV of the E. Lukach and his publishers Messrs Rlacmillan for their kind permission to reproduce the two illustrations mentioned above p. Jlinns, who has given me valuable help in connection with the Russian books mentioned in'the bibliography. In conclusion 1 desire to add a few words as to what I conceive to be the special interest and il-nportance of the study of the BAbi and BahA'i movements.

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This interest is in the main threefold, to wit, political, ethical and historical, and I shall arrange what I have to say under these three headings. T h e original Libis who fought so desperately against the Persian Government at Shaykh 'I'aharsi, Zanjin, Nayriz and elsewhere in aimed at a Bibi theocracy and a reign of the saints on earth; they were irreconcilably hostile to the existing government and Royal Family, and were only interested for the most part in the triumph of their faith, not in any.

T h e hzalis, from the first a minority, were nluch nlore cut off h external activity than the Bahj'is. That the Bahi'is constituted a great potential political force in Persia when I was there in was to rile selfevident.

That Eah6'uAh was not insensible to these amenities is clearly apparent from two letters filled xith praises of the Russian Governnient uhich he addressed to his followers shortly afterwards, and which were published by Baron Rosen, together with an account of the circumstances above referred to, in Vol. If the statement on p. None of the other rulers addressed in the " Epistles to the Kings " come off so well, and for Napoleon I11 in particular disaster is clearly foretold. See also my Renrarks on thesr texts in the f.

In the main, however, RahL'u'llAh wisely avoided any political entanglements, and indeed sought rather to conciliate the Shhh and the Persian government, and to represent such persecutions of his followers as took place in Persia as the work of fanatical theologians whom the government were unable to restrain.

T h e Azalis, on the other hand, preserved the old K i b i tradition of unconquerable hostility to the Persian throne and government.

Khayro mc le marriage pdf

Some of the leading Bahh'is in Tihrin, however, were accused, whether justly or not, of actually favouring the reaction" In any case their theocratic and international tendencies can hardly have inspired them with any very active sympathy with the Persian Revolution.

T h e Azalis, on the other hand, though they cannot be said to have any collective policy, as individuals took a very prominent part in the National Movement even before the Revolution, and such men as H L j j i Shaykh Ahmad SeeJ. Indeed, as one of the most prominent and cultivated Azalis admitted to me some six or seven years ago, the ideal of a democratic Ir'ersia developing on purely national lines seems to have inspired in the minds of no few leading Azalis the same fiery enthusiasm as did the idea of a reign of the saints on earth in the case of the early Bibis.

I n connection with the last it is interesting to note that Dr I.

Khayro mc le marriage pdf

I t is not for US to say-. But there can be no question that those who live to see this year I 9 I 7 will have reached one of the most importarlt, perhaps the most momentous, of these terminal years of crisis.

Khayro mc le marriage pdf

While ethical teaching occupies a very subordinate place in the writings of the B i b and his disciples, it constitutes the chief part of the Bahi'i teachings.

Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, i. Of the ethical teaclling of Kahi'u'llAh numerous specimens are given in this volume pp. Moreover, as it seems to me, ethics is only the application t o everyday life of religion and metaphysics, and to be effective must be supported by solve spiritual sanction ; and in the case of BahA'ism, with its rather vague doctrines as to Xcl 1ress: 84, Xilams Street, Chicago; or, Charles E.

I once heard Mr G.

Yet it would be an error to regard Hahli'ism merely as an ethical system, as is already sho. Historical i? Kenan einphasized this in Cf. I t would be interesting to compute how many of the seventy-two sects" into which IslAm is supposed to be divided owe their existence wholly or in part to the theological activity of the Persian mind.

T h e most extraordinary diversity of opinion exists as to doctrines which one would be inclined to regard as fundamental, such as those connected with the future life. M xxiv TNTl which all references to Subi-ha1 were eliminated or altered, and other features regarded as undesirable were supprebsed or modified. Certain critical Christian tlieologians have seen in H A j j i MirA Jdni's history in its relation to the later narratives a close parallel to the Gospel of St Mark in its relation to tile synoptic gospels.

Of the future of Rahh'ism it is difficult to hnzard a conjecture, especially at the present time, when we are more cct off from a n y trustworthy knowledge of what is happening in the world than at any previous period for many centuries. Consequently, every weak soul is strengthened b y those divine outbreathings. Every poor Inan will become rich, every darkened soul will become illumined, every ignorant one will become wise, because the confirmations of the Holy Spirit are descending like unto torrents.

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A new era of divine consciousness is upon us. T h e world of humanity is going through a process of transformation. T h e thoughts of human brotherhood are permeating the depths of hearts and a new spirit of universal consciousness is bein3 profoundly felt by all men.

H e was born in ' r i h d n , the metropolis of the Persians.

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This event happened on the 5th of Jumhdh I, A. I May 24, From the very beginning of his Manifestation, the B i b began to give good tidings of the imminence "He whom of some Great Event and the advent of some God shall manifest " Promised Benefactor, of whom he made foretold by mention in his writings with great emphasis, the Bib. H e lays great stress on His celebration, description and Manifestation, while he himself, notwithstanding his claim to the highest of stations, reckons himself only a servant in relation to Him so mentioned and described.

Moreover this announcement was continued from the beginning of his Manifestation in A. When our great Master Bahi'u'lllih reached the age of thirty-two, he set out for the place called Badasht.

Khayro mc le marriage pdf

When he was thirty-three years of age he went to the place called Shaykh Tabarsi in Mizandarin, where he suffered at the hands of the Shi'a divines and their followers, and was imprisoned in the town of Amul, one of the dependencies of Mdzandarin, and was much aflicted, and despoiled of his property. When he reached the age of thirty-five, being at the time in one of the summer resorts of Shimirin, on the outskirts of the city of 'I'ihrrin, there happened the attempt on the life of the S h i h Nisiru'd-Din , which was as follows.

This deed, which arose from lack of thought and consideration of consequences, brought grievous suffering on this sect the Bhbis , of whom the Government arrested many, and condemned them to death.

H e was arrested and imprisoned surrounded by order of the Government by for four a body of troopers, who led him, walking and monthi. There he remained until the Russian Minister in the Capital exerted himself to protect him, when it was proved on enquiry and investigation that His Holiness our Great Master had no knowledge of the above-mentioned event, and his non-complicity therein became clear.

Now in those days, by reason of grievous sufferings and unremitting persecution, this comnlunity the Bibis was dissolved in the lands of Persia, and their assembly was scattered, and most of them were slain with all manner of torments and the harshest punishments ; their possessions were plundered, their wives and children were led into captivity, and it' one of them survived, he hid himself in some corner, or chose for himself exile from his country.

But at this juncture His Holiness our Gre;lt Master set himself in Haghdkd to the elevation of the Word and the diffusion of its lights with a zeal which could not be exceeded.

Khayro mc le marriage pdf

The servant was killed after a few days at the hands of thieves, rvhile he was travelling from one place to another on special business, so that His Holiness our Master Bahli'u'llAh remained alone in these deserts and moutitains.

H e says may my life be his sacrifice! T h e wrongs which I suffer have obliterated the wrongs suffered by my First Name from to the Tablet of the Universe.

From the Land of 'FA 'l'ihran , after afflictions which cannot be enumerated, we reached 'Irlicl-i--'Arab t y command of the 'l'yrant of Persia, where, after the fetters of foes, we were afflicted with the perfidy of friends. Thereafter God knoiveth what befell me, until I chose solitary exile, cut off from my household and what it contained, and from the Spirit and what is connected therewith.

I journeyed through the deserts of Resignation, travelling in such guise that all men wept over my strangerhood, and all things shed tears of blood over my sorrows. I kept company with the birds of the plain and dwelt with the beasts of the field, passing beyond this transitory world like spiritual lightning, while for two years or rather less I avoided all beside God and shut my eyes to all but Him Verily he guideth all things into a straight path.