La Rebelion De Tupac Amaru Ii Pdf Reader

La rebelion de tupac amaru ii pdf reader

The government of Spain , in an effort to streamline the operation of its colonial empire, began introducing what became known as the Bourbon Reforms throughout South America. The economic hardship this introduced to parts of the Altiplano combined with systemic oppression of Indian and mestizo underclasses a recurring source of localized uprisings throughout Spanish colonial South America to create an environment in which a large-scale uprising could occur. In Spain raised sales taxes known as the alcabala on goods produced and sold in the colonies, [5] [7] in part to fund its participation in the American Revolutionary War.

1. Etapas de la rebelión.

He claimed to be acting on behalf of the King of Spain, enforcing royal authority on the corrupt and treacherous colonial administration. They forced him to write letters to his treasurer in Tinta requesting money and arms and to other powerful individuals and kurakas ordering them to congregate in Tungasuca.

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On November 10, six days after his capture, Arriaga was executed in front of thousands of gathered Indians, mestizos, and Criollos locals of mostly Spanish descent. Indigenous communities often sided with the rebels, and local militias put up little resistance. Tupac Amaru II in began to lead an uprising of indigenous people but the Spanish military proved to be too strong for his army of 40,—60, followers.

A mostly indigenous loyalist army of up to between 15, and 17, troops led by Jose del Valle had the smaller rebel army surrounded by March Government efforts to destroy the rebellion were frustrated by, among other things, a high desertion rate, hostile locals, scorched-earth tactics, the onset of winter, and the region's altitude most of the troops were from the lowlands and had trouble adjusting.

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Though some rebels continued to resist, the worst was over. Diego, his mother, and several of his allies would be arrested and executed anyway by paranoid Spanish authorities in Cuzco on July 19, on the pretext he had broken the peace accords.

La rebelion de tupac amaru ii pdf reader

The ultimate death toll is estimated at , Indians and 10,—40, non-Indians. In , his successor, Teodoro de Croix , abolished the corregidors and reorganized the colonial administration around eight intendants. In , an audiencia was established in Cuzco.

La Rebelión de Tupac Amaru II - 1780 Inicio de las revoluciones de los pueblos oprimidos.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Uprising of native and mestizo peasants against the Bourbon reforms in the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. Fisher, Lillian Estelle , The last Inca revolt, — Westport, Conn. Serulnikov, Sergio.

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2. Carácter de la rebelión.

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La rebelion de tupac amaru ii pdf reader

Robins, Adam Jones Indiana University Press. Edited by Steve J.


Madison, Wis. The Epic of Latin America. Berkeley, California: University of California Press. Carlotism Retroversion of the sovereignty to the people.

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Rebelión de Túpac Amaru II

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La rebelion de tupac amaru ii pdf reader

Aymara and Quechua rebels together with: whites, mestizos and blacks subleved [ clarification needed ]. Spanish units 15, [1] - 17, [2] soldiers. Rebel units , soldiers [2] [3] 40, - 60, asediando Cusco de enero de [4] 10, - 40, asediando La Paz 14 de marzo de [4].