Labranza Secundaria Pdf To Excel

Labranza secundaria pdf to excel

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Venezuelan disk harrows economic perspective. The secondary tillage with the use of the disk harrows is the one that is carried out generally in Venezuela, due to the inadequate friability conditions, the opportune time of the operation, purchase price relatively cheaper, easy use and maintenance, the weed control is easy and quicker, and the application of lime.

Labranza secundaria pdf to excel

It is the certain farm tool in the agricultural fields of the whole Country. The specific objectives are the disk harrows evaluation with the purpose of appreciating some economic parameters that cooperate their use process in decision taking: a The total costs including the timeliness factor 0, day -1 , b energy costs, c evaluation of the optimum economic width by maxim and minimum and d Comparisons with lease prices.

In the methodology it was used the costs analysis and the regression analysis, to the cost items.

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Key words: Disk harrows; timeliness factor, costs, energy consumption, disk harrows optimum economic width , economic breakeven point, lease. Donde :. En base a un pase de rastra.

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Las rastras de discos grandes son poco existentes. Revisado 12 de enero del Hossne A. Hunt D. Farm Power and Machinery Management. Blackwell Science Inc.

Labranza primaria

ISBN: Illinois University. Machinery cost estimates: Field operation.

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Machinery cost estimates: Tractors. Phillips, S.

Labranza secundaria pdf to excel

No-tillage farming. Reiman Associates, Milwaukee. Pp Kastens , F.

Labranza secundaria pdf to excel

Farm machinery operation cost calculations. Kansas State University. Revisado 12 febrero Losano , F.

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Revisado 12 de abril William, E. Ag Decision Maker. File A Revisado el 23 de abril del

Labranza secundaria pdf to excel