Learn Micro Expressions Pdf Files

Learn micro expressions pdf files

Learn micro expressions pdf files

Free Sign Up. Given the rising popularity of Selenium and Micro Focus already having a similar tool in its arsenal, we thought it would be the time to bid What, How and Where to use it.

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Usage in Descriptive Programming and more. God send method for those pesky objects which remain unidentifiable using normal mode. As a legacy programmer and complete novice to the concepts of QTP, I finished the training highly enlightened… …to the values and usage of QTP.

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This is attributable to the ease of use of the product, but mostly due to the knowledge and enthusiasm of the trainer, Ankur Jain. There is no question I would leave that training with a comfortable feel for the subject.

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I recommend the software and the trainer to any level of QTP user seeking more knowledge. That includes the extra tips Ankur offers at the end of various topics thru out the course.

Learn micro expressions pdf files

Thanks Ankur. All articles and tutorials on this site are contributed by the expert team under the guidance of Ankur.

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At Your Pace. Name Email Free Sign Up. UFT Learn in detail about RefreshObject method. Why and where do we use this method in UFT.

Learn micro expressions pdf files

Want to see more? Read all blog posts Frank Davis. Look No Further.

FULL MICRO EXPRESSIONS Analysis in 4K LIE TO ME Style - Micro Expressions Training as in Lie To Me

Get Started Today. What is QTP? Recent Articles UFT