Lon Milo Duquette My Life With The Spirits Pdf To Jpg

Lon milo duquette my life with the spirits pdf to jpg

Sorry, I just thought I would be bold and fix what I saw as people adding any minor, random reference to Crowley to the Crowley page -- in a few cases in the music section, I suspect the musicians themselves may have done this.

Since there was no organization, no vetting, no weighting by relative importance, I felt the excessive length of the section that became the Crowley in Popular Culture article was choking the usefulness of the main Crowley article.

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Removed the following line: Crowley died without leaving a clear line of succession for Thelema and the OTO. See Kenneth Grant. The claims made about him by the press range from the certain that he supported the Germans in World War I , to the claim that he was an avowed atheist when he was obviously agnostic, to the unproven that he openly kept mistresses , to the apparently ridiculous that he sacrificed hundreds of babies in black magic rituals.

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Until the end, every part of that sentence looks wrong. For example, nothing about Crowley seems obvious. Except for the fact that he had extra-marital sex. Dan , 29 July UTC. Interesting stuff here. A typical Wikipedia editing question: it seems to me that the one sentence regarding Crowley's death listed under "Miscellany" in the article should be part of the "Biography" section instead.

His condition at the time of death seems like an interesting and important part of his life story.

Lon milo duquette my life with the spirits pdf to jpg

However the transition from the current last paragraph in that article to this one sentence on the end of his life seems like it would be rather abrupt. Any suggestions on joining these? Question for any experts watching: this article currently contains the Crowley quote "Apparently Parsons and Hubbard or somebody is producing a moonchild.

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I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts. I have read and been interested in Crowley's ideas on and off for some years, though I am not a Thelemite or occult practitioner or any other sort of religionist for that matter.

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I have left out of this extensive rewrite a lot of information about his life because I'm not sure I know how to write it neutrally. On the one hand he seems to have been a very interesting person with a very interesting story to tell; on the other hand he seems to have frequently been a scoundrel -- if not a borderline sociopath who for all his ethical philosophy did not know how to treat others very well. It seems to me that the three Non-Neutral Points of View that writing on Crowley risks falling into are as follows.

I'm not going to be very sympathetic to any of them:. Fubar, I like most of what you've done on this page, but I see a problem with the line, "Yet like Leary's, Crowley's method had many evident failings".

I suggest citing someone's critique of his method instead, or describing what you call its evident failings without comment.

The evident doesn't need comment, after all.

I think one of these modifications would improve the situation. Oh, and kudos on Liber Schnipp-Schnapp. This idea of foreshadowing Dr. Tim seems to have come from an interview Dr. Actually, none other than Israel Regardie commented on Leary, Aldous Huxley, and others in the midth-c. That was written in When was the Wilson interview? That has got to be an understatement.

Lon milo duquette my life with the spirits pdf to jpg

I'd suggest sticking to the documented, undisputed facts of his life. I think you included everything that is undisputed by all sides.

Perhaps laughing is even possible in a coffin. So: watch your words! Alister Crowley is well know as a satanist , sorcerer, and black magician and for saying "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. There are many incidences of the Hellfire Club, which are all surrounded with rumours of sexual orgies and satanism.

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Crowley was one of the most prominent members of the secret society netowrk, also a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and 33rd degre Freemason. Is this interesting enough for me to try and find out how high he polled? I'm guessing it was a bit like the Jedi campaign in the census but I may be wrong. Secretlondon , 3 Jul UTC. I removed the distracting opening tag urging a mergefrom with the Crowley sections of egolessness since the article itself was referenced just below and there is no reason Crowley shouldn't be discussed there as well as here.

Ortolan88 , 8 Nov UTC. Criticism: There should be some criticism of Crowley on any text on him. I personally think some of his writings are important, but there are issues in such a controversial figure that have to be criticised:. Crowley and Satanism: He wrote a letter or wanted to write - I saw both versions to Trotzky asking him to eliminate Christianity. Crowley and Sexism: Crowley was often a sexist and wrote for example that women were soulless beings.

New Comment on Liber Note that a woman, having no soul of her own, can be used always as a 'Form' for any Being. This explains why Nuit can incarnate at will in successive women, careless of the physical limits of life.

He believed it more generally, but probably based it on Victorian male conceptions of "unliberated women". The Comment to this and the previous verse may say more about the defensive insecurity of Crowley the man than the verses of Liber AL. In Chapter I Comment, remember that all this is a male mind trying to contemplate the revelations of a goddess. Square peg and round hole problems may arise. He did beat some of his women. Source John Symonds: The Great Beast There are many sexist and antifeminist statements in his writings, and I don't have the time to search them all.

To be fair, he did write some sentences that could be labelled as pro-feminist. But on the whole, I have the impression that he was rather antifeminist. Crowley and Totalitarianism: Crowley favored a monarchist and aristocratic society. He was against democracy.

Or at least his writings can be interpreted in this way. Confessions of A. Crowley and Racism: He wrote for example: ".. We don't call them "dagos" and "wops" as they do in the United States, with the invariable epithet of "dirty"; but we have the same feeling. There's a lot more to tell, about the accuracy and correctness of some of his writings, his influences, his megalomaniac nature, etc. Tip: Some people find it helpful if these suggestions are shown on this talk page, rather than on another page.

Additionally, there are some other articles which may be able to linked to this one also known as "backlinks" :.

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I don't know how to wikify a change like that. Also, regarding Crowley's racism, it's interesting to note that someone who's perceived as relatively benign in non-academic circles and contemporary like Rudyard Kipling was as glib with the stereotypes as was Crowley see the Norton Critical Edition of Kim , for instance.

Unless I'm wrong, the motto of the Abbey of Theleme which is written as "Fay ce que vouldras" in the article is supposed to be French- meaning it should be "Fait ce que voudrais".

Lon milo duquette my life with the spirits pdf to jpg

Just an observation. This is just plain wrong. Quite apart from Crowley's own intense racialism and authoritarianism - which is unproven, so I will not put it in the article - it seems rather peculiar to charge all of England with bigotry and frigidity the word is spelled 'bigoted', by the way.

Lon milo duquette my life with the spirits pdf to jpg

It isn't just an NPOV problem. It is incoherent and insulting language, and has no place in a Wikipedia article.

My Life With The Spirits ~ Book Review

Does Crowley belong in category:Satanism? I'm adding him, but those who know him better are free to remove him if appropriate. To clear it up, Satanism should probably be in the context of Christianity unless explicitly admitted by the suspect him or herself i. So is Crowley a Satanist? Yes, if you are a Christian and he does seem to gravitate towards Satan, at least he shows quite a bit of hostility towards Christianity in general, and, if my suspicions about his religion is true, he would have to be quite maltheistic though whether that is true Christianity he is against is an open topic.

The following sentence is ambiguous and I do not have enough knowledge of the subject matter to correct it:. Does this sentence mean his father, after his normal day's work, began preaching? If so, what and to whom? Or does it mean after he retired from the profession of brewer went on to another career as a minister?

Also, I would remove the word "practice" unless he was actually rehearsing to preach. Further, the last phrase could be simplified to "preaching fanatically. For you Crowley experts, my cursory research seems to indicate that Crowley's skepticism would be classified as philosophical skepticism rather than scientific skepticism.

What do you folks think. I was wondering if anyone here knows if Crowley was the coiner of the term "Moonchild", or merely borrowed it from somewhere else? Crowley was the author. In fact is a "key novel" with parodies on members of the hermetic order of the golden dawn. Ok the article on Moonchild has been created. Feel free to contribute. I wanted to add a music reference one by Kimya Dawson but section's edit link took me to the miscenally section, and the 'edit this page' did not seem to include it.

Is this a delibrate attempt to stop people from including every single musical refence to the man no doubt a large list or is this an error?

Lon milo duquette my life with the spirits pdf to jpg

I can see that there is an argument for removing it, but shouldn't it have been discussed first? If this was just an act of vandalism can someone put the section back? Hegar , 11 November UTC.

Lon milo duquette my life with the spirits pdf to jpg

I have prepared the following stuff for the article Diary Of A Drug Fiend ; Due to my internet account filters I am not able to upload it myself.