Lymphocyte Culture Protocol Pdf Reader

Lymphocyte culture protocol pdf reader

Phytohaemagglutinin PHA , a lectin derived from the red kidney bean, is a powerful mitogen for human T-cells.

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The convenience of peripheral blood as a source of human cells, the abundance of mitotic cells, and the simplicity of the cell culture technique make this the most convenient approach to study human chromosomes for both clinical and research purposes.

This method of chromosome preparation provides metaphase cells that can be stained by a variety of methods or used for fluorescence in situ hybridization FISH. The most common chromosome staining techniques involve exposing fixed preparations to a protease e.

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The characteristic banding patterns obtained reflect both structural and functional differences in different parts of the chromosomes. The staining procedure described here provides a Giemsa banding pattern using trypsin with Wright stain i.

Lymphocyte culture protocol pdf reader

This procedure is reliable and, with only minor modifications, suitable for preparing chromosomes from a variety of human tissues. Terms of Service.

Lymphocyte culture protocol pdf reader

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Lymphocyte culture protocol pdf reader

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Lymphocyte culture protocol pdf reader

Current Issue January , 1. From the cover Labeling Antibodies with Biotin.

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